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9 Best Fillet Knives for Fish 2023 – Fillet Like a Pro!

best fillet knife for fish
Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, Boning and Food Prep Knives, 5 inch Bait Knife
Good Choice
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Curved Boning Knife with Flexible Blade, Black
Don't Miss
Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fishing Fillet Knife, Blue, 13 3/4-inch Blade
Also Consider
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade
KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, Boning and Food Prep Knives, 5 inch Bait Knife
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Curved Boning Knife with Flexible Blade, Black
Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fishing Fillet Knife, Blue, 13 3/4-inch Blade
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade
Best Choice
KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, Boning and Food Prep Knives, 5 inch Bait Knife
KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, Boning and Food Prep Knives, 5 inch Bait Knife
Good Choice
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Curved Boning Knife with Flexible Blade, Black
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Curved Boning Knife with Flexible Blade, Black
Don't Miss
Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fishing Fillet Knife, Blue, 13 3/4-inch Blade
Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fishing Fillet Knife, Blue, 13 3/4-inch Blade
Also Consider
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade

Filleting is no easy work, especially with a regular knife.

Chopping up meat is hard enough, but at least it has visible bones and gunk you need to avoid, with fish, it’s all in one place, and you need a very sharp eye to figure out what exactly is going on and how you’re supposed to deal with it. This is precisely why you need a fish fillet knife.

A fish fillet knife is slightly different from regular ones because they have what you need to cut up a fish perfectly. The slightly pointed tip and the flexibility let you descale and follow the contours of the shish perfectly and lets you cut up and around the bones and spines without any extra waste or damage.

All you need is to cut, and the knife handles the rest. Now the question arises, where and what knife should you buy? Well, we’ve got you covered. This article has the seven best fillet knives for fish, their features, advantages, disadvantages, and a complete buyers’ guide so that you can decide what you want hassle-free.

Let’s get right into it.

Best Fish Fillet Knives That Are Sharp, Lightweight and Non-Slip

Our researchers spent a good 12 hours trying to find the best possible products in the current market. We then tested out all of them individually for six hours each and forwarded our list to professional and amateur chefs alike to get their input. After that, we sat together and compiled all our data to figure out the best seven. The entire process took us no less than a total of sixty hours, but all of it was worth it to ensure the best possible quality.

#1. Non-Slip Fishing Fillet Knife with Sharp Stainless Blades by KastKing


KastKing has long been popular in the cooking community for its razor-sharp and beautiful blades, and these non-slip fillet knives are no different from their predecessors. They utilize premium, razor-sharp G4116 stainless steel blades that can cut through flesh as if it was paper.

Not only are they incredibly sharp, but they are also very attractive. These blades come with a beautiful black finishing that is sure to make anyone envious. The 6″, 7″, and 9″ curved blades are very flexible and can easily follow the contours for perfect fillets and are also ideal for thinner cuts. The polymer grip is soft, non-slip, and very comfortable, to make sure your hands don’t ache for a second while getting the job done.

They are also easy to clean and very longlasting, much like the blades which don’t lose their edge even after years of both saltwater and freshwater cuts. This brings us to the question of safety, and KastKing has you covered even in that area. Each knife comes with a lightweight and durable sheath for both the blade and your protection. These sheaths do wonders in retaining the knives’ edge, and regular usage ensures your knife lasts you a very long time.

Overall, Kastking’s fillet knives are the best in the market. They’re affordable, efficient, longlasting, and perfect for any cut. They come highly recommended for any professional who needs the cleanest edge for the job.

  • G4116 German Stainless-Steel blades
  • Black finishing
  • Flexible
  • Non-slip polymer grip
  • Includes protective knife sheath
  • Very sharp
  • Longlasting and durable
  • Flexible to follow the contours of the fillet
  • None to be found

#2. Victorinox Boning Knife for Meat and Fish


While intended mainly for deboning fish and the like, it is also perfect for fillet cuts. You can trim or remove bones and meat perfectly using this knife. The tip juts out in a way that you can easily pierce even the thinnest parts and separate them while the contour of the blade lets you make cuts as close to the bone as needed.

The angle and flexibility also make it perfect for deboning as well as filleting thinner cuts. It also features a highly comfortable and ergonomic fibrox pro handle, which is fully slip-resistant, even when wet. The handle provides the ideal weight for handling and usage as well as light contouring so that your fingers can get a grip easily.

Coming with a lifetime warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship, you can be assured that you will be provided with only the highest of quality. Overall, despite being a bit more expensive, it is the ideal investment. Victorinox provides you with everything you need, all in a beautifully crafted and highly ergonomic knife. It is highly recommended for anyone who prioritizes quality above all and is looking for a longlasting, highly efficient fillet knife.

  • Pointed tip for piercing the flesh with ease
  • Curved edge lets you make cuts close to and around the bone
  • Flexibility and the curved blade is perfect for more delicate filleting jobs
  • Ergonomic and non-slip fibrox pro handle
  • Lifetime warranty for defect parts or workmanship
  • Sharp edge
  • Flexible and curved blade
  • Pointed tip
  • Pricy

#3. Calamus Non-Slip Fishing Fillet Knife – The Budget Pick


Are you looking for something fun-looking while not having to compromise on quality? Calamus has the perfect knife for you. The razor-sharp G4116 stainless steel blade comes to you in a sharp, blue shade for added attractiveness while still being able to fillet a fish 10 to 1 without breaking a single sweat. The blade also features more prominent ridges that make the cut more accessible and more efficient and point-blank.

It lasts much longer, maintains the edge for years, and is perfect for saltwater and freshwater applications. The golf-style handle offers the best grip possible, is highly comfortable, and completely non-slip. They feel super comfortable, and the shape is such that fits nicely in your hands. It is also 40% lighter than other handles, which makes moving and cutting a lot easier. The knife comes with a protective nylon sheath that protects the blade from dulling and keeps you safe between jobs. The sheath also prevents corrosion through small air vents that dry the water quickly.

Overall, the knife is perfect for anyone looking for a good buy at a low price. The blade is longlasting, easy to move and control, and very sharp, making it the perfect purchase for your fish filleting endeavors.

  • G4116 German stainless steel blades
  • Teflon blue finishing
  • Golf-style handle with non-slip properties
  • Protective nylon knife sheath
  • Comes in four different lengths and shapes
  • Attractive outlook
  • Blade ridges
  • Sharp and flexible
  • None to be found

#4. Bubba Flexible 7-inch Fillet Knife for Fish


Bubba brings you their best work yet, the 7-inch fillet knife. The 8Cr13MoV blade is super thin, which lets you maneuver and cut with precision, which is just accentuated by the sharpness that makes clean cuts in one go. It is also rust-resistant, which adds points to its durability and overall convenience. The blade cuts through scales easily, and the extra sharp and pointed tip helps in cutting near the bones.

The handle is entirely non-slip and features a built-in trigger for a more natural grip and security. It also features ridges that help in gripping it safely. The knife also features safety guards for protection from both the sharp blade and fish spines (we all know they can do considerable damage). Along with the knife, we also get a knife sheath to keep the blade from dulling or corroding.

The sheath also has a belt loop to carry it hands-free so you can simply hang it on your belt for easy access- especially in a professional setting. Overall, the features are quite streamlined without any extra flare, with a considerable effort put in bettering the foundation of the knife itself. However, even considering that, the knife is very overpriced, standing at more than thirty dollars. You can get much cheaper options which are also better quality-wise, but if this is what you like, go for it.

  • 13″ knife with a 7″ blade
  • Non-slip handle
  • Safety guards
  • super thin 8Cr13MoV blade
  • Knife sheath with belt loop
  • Simple and streamlined design
  • Longer blade
  • Convenient sheath
  • Expensive

#5. Buck Folding Fillet Fishing Knife


The Buck Folding Knife doubles as a hunting knife and a fillet knife. Due to its highly ergonomic folding design, the knife is incredibly easy to carry and fits in any coat or pant pocket. The 420J2 blade has excellent corrosion resistance and does not dull easy making it very longlasting and a convenient buy. The pointed tip does wonders for making clean and smooth cuts, especially close to the bone.

These cuts are only made easier due to the slight curvature between the straight edge and the tip that lets you move along with the contours of the flesh. The handle is entirely rubber with vent ridges, which may hurt if gripping too tightly but overall, provide an excellent, secure grip that is essential for doing any work. The rubber prevents it from slipping and is very tough, meaning it will last a long time.

The knife itself is very easy to work with and is an excellent, convenient option for all your filleting needs. Overall, despite not being like most standard fillet knives, the Buck Folding Knife is no less than any other. In fact, the added ease of transportation and slight build add to its appeal. It is, hands down, one of the best knives for filleting in the market.

  • 6 ½” blade resistant to corrosion and dulling
  • Fully weather-resistant rubber handle for comfortable maneuvering
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Sharp-tipped blade for precise cuts
  • String hold for belt attachment
  • Easy to transport
  • Sharper than most
  • Good for the price
  • Not a traditional fillet knife

#6. Morakniv Fillet Knife for Fishing


If a stylish knife is your priority, then this is the knife for you. Morakniv brings you a six-inch12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade with a lightly curved and razor-sharp tip that can cut through pretty much anything. The six-inch blade is harder, more stringent, and considerably more resistant to corrosion than other blades.

It is also versatile enough to be used on all types and sizes of fish. It lets you make clean, precise cuts, and the curve lets you cut along the contours of the fish. The handle is no less efficient than the blade. With an easy to clean high-friction ridged handle, you can be assured of the best possible grip. It is non-slip and easily washable, which adds to the overall convenience this knife offers you and adds to its durability as well.

Despite all the apparent advantages, there is one issue: the price. The plastic sheath that comes with the knife guarantees complete safety while also ensuring that the blade won’t corrode easily. The vented design lets air pass in and out, drying the water easily and quickly. While the price is roughly 25 dollars, it is way too costly for something that doesn’t set it apart from the crowd.

Overall, it’s a good knife to have, but it isn’t something you’d spend more than ten dollars on. Maybe it’ll last a year or more, but quality-wise, the knife is quite painfully average.

  • Six-inch stainless steel blade
  • 12C27 steel with added toughness, hardness, and sharpness
  • Curved tip
  • Plastic sheath with two belt clips for secure attachment
  • High-friction handle helps keep a firm grip while working
  • Convenient design
  • Sharp and workable blade
  • Highly efficient
  • No issue found

#7. Flexible Fish Fillet Knife by Rhinoreto


If you want something compact, but with all the features, this is the one for you. Rhinoreto brings you a portable and highly ergonomic fillet knife to fulfill your fishy dreams. The flexible, curved blade is designed to let you make clean and precise cuts as close to the bone as possible while the non-stick property helps slice it clean off without any remnants sticking to the knife itself.

The blade is perfectly suited to both saltwater and freshwater fishes, so dulling is not something you need to worry about. It is equipped with a non-slip rubber handle, which is the perfect size for any hand size, and lets you have a proper and firm grip no matter how wet the handle may be. It also has three holes near the top for secure attachment to the belt loop so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Lightweight, plastic sheath is excellent for this knife in particular since the vents will let air dry any remaining moisture on the blade and prevent corrosion, making it the perfect knife to use on the go. However, the best feature of this knife is the handy blade sharpener that comes with it. The double-sided sharpener uses angled ceramic plates to sharpen your blade every time before using it.

Overall, if you want something good for the price with added accessories and a sharp-edged blade, this is the one for you. This knife has everything one needs, from a sharpener to a flexible, sharp blade.

  • Curved and flexible blade
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Lightweight, vented sheath
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Blister packaging
  • A flexible and sharp blade
  • Non-slip handle
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Not very durable

How to Pick the Best Fillet Knife for Fishing? – A Detailed Buyers’ Guide

We’ve already established that getting a fillet knife for yourself can be pretty tricky. Now, after perusing through our recommendations, you’re probably wondering which one to get. Well, not to worry, because we have you covered. Below, you’ll find some of the most critical factors you need to consider when getting your fish filleting knife.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to look into a lot when choosing a blade, especially for a fillet knife. First off, is your blade strong enough? Can it withhold specific pressures and tough meats? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

However, it is essential to remember that toughness and sharpness go hand in hand. If your blade is tough and hard, it should also be sharp enough to not dull after a few months. Constantly sharpening a blade is a pain that you’d rather not go through on a bi-monthly basis. Another thing to consider is whether your blade has a sharp tip. Fishes need thin, delicate cuts, and you can’t do that with the whole length of the blade. You need to make sure the blade has a sharp tip and a slight curve so that it lets you make thinner cuts.

Finally, the last thing you need to consider in a blade is flexibility. If your blade is not flexible, don’t get it. You need a flexible blade to be able to make cuts along with the contours of the fish itself. If the blade doesn’t let you do that, you’ll be having some difficulties, to say the least.


Some things to look for in a handle is the material, is it non-slip, is it high friction, and is it resistant to weather and wear? For any handle to be a good handle, it has to be made of good material. Usually, rubber and hard plastic is the way to go, since they have a firm grip, don’t hurt your hands and don’t add any extra weight which makes maneuvering difficult. However, you also need to consider whether it will last long enough.

For that, you need to look out for its resistance towards certain elements. For example, will it deteriorate in certain weather conditions? Will it become too slippery to hold if the handle is wet? Does the material come apart if i pick at it/ or have high friction against it? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you need to choose another knife.

Accessories: Sheath and/or Sharpener

If your knife doesn’t come with a sheath, it isn’t worth whatever you’re paying for it. Having a sheath is the most important thing you need if you have a knife. It keeps the blade from dulling and keeps it sharp and hard, it is also essential for safety, especially if you have family around.

These knives are very sharp, and you need protection. Now, you don’t get a lot of say in this but try to get a sheath made of rubber, especially if it is vented. It is generally safer, and the vents keep the blade from corroding since the airflow dries any moisture on the blade and doesn’t let it build. As for any other accessories like belt loops, sharpeners, those are purely optional, but definitely handy to have around, especially if you’re a professional.


With that, we come to an end of the best fillet knives for fish in 2023. We hope you enjoyed reading this and found something useful in it. What’s your favorite knife?

Leave it down in the comments below, along with any feedback and suggestions you might have.

Until next time.

Happy Filleting!


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