Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Mornings are mostly very chaotic especially when there are kids, working individuals, and oldies in the same house. Everyone has their preferences over types of breakfasts and it becomes difficult to cater to all of them simultaneously. In such scenarios coming up with a permanent solution is much necessary – pancakes!

Yes, pancakes are mostly loved by all ages and genders. Not just because they taste good but also perks attached to them. For example, they are good for health (depending on what they are made up of), saves time (only if you are using the best pancake maker), etc.

Since saving time is one crucial aspect of making pancakes, you can prepare several types of toppings beforehand. So much so that waffles can be taken as a sandwich with fillings of your choice. In this article, we are about to look into a list of 07 of the best pancake makers which bring in versatility, ease, and comfort.

The List of Best Pancake Makers in 2021

We have collected a list of 30 pancake makers after thorough research of 15 hours. First, we had to check out ratings and reviews, and then pros and cons, to select 15 good quality pancake makers. Then, we had to shortlist top 07 in accordance with features and other elements that must be there in a good pancake maker. Last but not least, it was tried and used to make pancakes to come up with an unbiased opinion on the “best pancake makers in 2021”. All this took 10, 3, and 2 hours respectively.

#1. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach waffle maker is good for both, waffles and pancakes. It is designed in a way that everyone finds it interesting because of the in-depth research done on manufacturing. Also, this product is best for making delicious meals. This product is well suited for all those individuals who love the versatility and want quick fixes instead of investing too much time on meals. Flip Belgian is pretty light as compared to other pancake makers and weighs 3.06 pounds. Whereas dimensions are ideal and perfect for semi sized kitchens – 6.8 inches into 9.9 inches into 9.1 inches.

  • Makes fluffy and thick waffles
  • Drip tray and plates are removable
  • Temperature is of various setting
  • Simple and easy cleaning
  • Premium quality, a restaurant like waffles at the vicinity of your home
  • Stainless steel is used in manufacturing this product
  • Indicator lights allow you to check on the status of cooking
  • Nonstick grid
  • Comfortability in storing the maker
  • At times waffles turn out to be soggy and mushy
Why to buy Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker?
It is good in many ways. After making pancakes and waffles in this product, we came to the point where we all were amazed to see the results. Not in any batch, we found loopholes. Everything was super just the way it was expected! The tray was easily removed after the use and it was a delight to check utility.

#2. Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Red Waffle Maker

Disney is a much loved and adores brand which complies with the needs of kids, young adults, and adults. Using this product from Disney will allow you to start the day with a pleasant feel. It is as light as 2.5 pounds with the perfect dimensions (9.5 inches into 7.2 inches into 3.8 inches). The diameter, however, is perfect too which is 6 inches approximately. Features attached to this product are more than enough for you to make a hearty breakfast. Topping it with some kind of syrup, cream, and berries makes its way to the heart from the tummy. Besides other features and advantages mentioned below, it is a must to mention that it has 800 watts.

  • Best pancake maker for small places
  • Comfortable to use
  • User-friendly and portable
  • Single griddle with Mickey Mouse character
  • Illuminated power light
  • Nonstick plate
  • Rubber feet are non-skid
  • Easy to clean waffle and pancake maker
  • Heats as well as cool off quickly
  • No indicator lights
Why to buy Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Red Waffle Maker?
Best for kids and those who love Mickey Mouse’s character. It comes in handy and easy to use. If you have doubts about which pancake maker to buy, then this is the one you should go for!

#3. G&M Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle

G&M Crepe makers are mostly those which enable you to make a perfect round 12-inch crepe or pancake. Besides making crepes and/or pancakes this device lets you make other meals too. Which is why it is taken as a versatile product by G&M. The product’s size is pretty good for semi-large or large kitchens – 12 inches into 2.8 inches into 12 inches. When it comes to weight it is pretty light as compared to the devices of dimensions like this one – 2.6 pounds. In addition to it, there are more than 100 recipes in the booklet (recipe book) which come with the product.

  • Has double griddle
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Comes with most of the accessories
  • Nonstick surface
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Makes perfect crepes or pancakes of 12 inches
  • Excellent gift for chefs and cooks
  • Comes with a cookbook of 100 recipes
  • No cons at all
Why to buy G&M Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle?
It is a great deal to avail of. Since it comes with both griddle and a flat surface, you can make many other types of meals on this plate or griddle. Those could include a proper breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals.

#4. Dash DMS001WH Mini Pancake Maker Electric

If you are craving for pancakes and cookies simultaneously, then this is the perfect product you can opt for! The reason being, it is fairly reasonable in dimensions (5 inches into 2.8 inches into 6 inches) with lightest weight ever (1.3 pounds). It takes only three to four minutes to cook a single serving. Perhaps the quality and quantity are restricted to the nonstick surface which this product holds without any fail. This product is best for those who have no clue how to make dishes because it comes with a complete recipe book along with the product.

  • Doesn’t cause hassle in maintenance
  • Makes crusty pancakes and crepes
  • Not just meant for making pancakes
  • It is very light in weight
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Lights indicate when food is made
  • 350-watt griddle
  • Easily managed and cleaned
  • There isn’t any on or off button
Why to buy Dash DMS001WH Mini Pancake Maker Electric?
This product is the best in many ways. Firstly, it has nonstick griddle which can make pancakes, crepes, and other food items. However, dishes are best for one serving. Other than that, it has something which is perfect for starters and also those who love cooking.

#5. NutriChef, Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Pancakes Maker

If you want a product that saves time, provides convenience in making food and also is compact in size, NutriChef Nonstick would be the best pancake maker for you! This can make delicious dishes and desserts like crepes, pancakes, blintzes. Because of its lightweight (2.4 pounds) and dimensions (12.0 inches x 12.9 inches x 2.4 inches), it is considered as one of the best pancake makers. Since it has 12 inches of the griddle, it makes fairly bigger pancakes, crepes, etc.

  • Breakfast is made quickly within three to four minutes
  • Blintz cooking
  • Aluminum griddle
  • 1200 watts power is consumed
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Comes with complete items; spatula etc.
  • Cooking surface is of 12 inches
  • Makes countless crepes and pancakes
  • Pro taste because of pro tools
  • No cover or lid
Why to buy NutriChef Pancakes Maker?
This product makes eggs, bacon, pancakes, crepes, and sausages. Definitely for those who want to fix a quick breakfast in the adjustable temperatures. Besides that, it is one of the best products for the fact that it has an adjustment knob, and also tools along with the device.

#6. Gourmia Nonstick Silver Dollar Pancake Maker

Basically, the Gourmia pancake maker is known for four traits – consistency and reliability, aluminum cooking top, nonstick coating, and easy to manage! It is compact in size and weight is not at all too much to carry. When it comes to dimensions it is 16.1 inches into 9.7 niches into 1.1 inches. However, weight is recorded to be 2.5 pounds. Apart from this, the Gourmia pancake maker is quite an exceptional device. Because it has small compartments that enable in making cute separate pancakes.

  • A good treat for the whole family
  • 7 compartments are there in one skillet
  • You can cook anything of your choice (from pancakes to eggs, etc.)
  • Save for nylon, wood, and coated utensils
  • Induction bottom is pretty innovative
  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy to carry
  • Low maintenance required
  • Rarely bad odor comes after long use
Why to buy Gourmia Nonstick Silver Dollar Pancake Maker?
This product has made in this list of 07 best pancake maker for a reason – it has 7 separate sections for small servings.

#7. CucinaPro Electric Crepe Pan with Spreader and Recipes

CucinaPro is one of those pancake makers which doesn’t only make pancakes but crepes and other food items too. Since it has a griddle of 12 inches, the product gives the option of making normal or French crepes. Because of the size it best fits in a semi-large kitchen. The main features that make it unique include a nonstick aluminum plate. It is easily portable because of its weight – 0.96 ounces. When it comes to dimensions, it remains 14 inches into 4.2 inches into 15.8 inches.

  • Electrical pancake maker
  • Easy to clean
  • Quickest and easiest to operate the device
  • It has 5 different temperature settings
  • Includes batter spreader spatula
  • Has red and green light indicators
  • Rubber feet ensure stability
  • Recipes are included
  • It is not durable for some odd reasons
Why to buy CucinaPro Electric Crepe Pan?
CucinaPro is a reflective crepe and pancake maker. It is best for a reason – makes perfect crepes and blintz, is easy to clean through one wipe, and can be used for making eggs, meats, or simple pastries.

Which is the Best Pancake Maker for you? – Ultimate Buying Guide

It is pretty daunting to find out the best pancake maker. The reason being, it takes a lot of time in research, testing and trying, collecting reviews from others, etc. We have sorted out your worry by creating a checklist for buying pancake maker; some pointers which are a must to remember before doing the purchase! Let’s delve in those areas…

Checklist to Remember Before Buying an Excellent Pancake Maker


If pancake makers are versatile and can handle different textures, ingredients, and forms of food items, it would, by all means, become good! It means, the device should be such which allows grilling, baking, and toasting beside making pancakes. For that, you have to ensure about parts (substitutable skillet plates) in the kit. However, it doesn’t mean you only have to look into this aspect while making a purchase.

Temperature Range

Lookout for wider choices of setting temperature. This will allow you to cook meals that require different temperatures. If you require something particularly for pancakes, even then preference should be given to devices that have broader temperature settings.

Easiness in Cleanliness

Cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be difficult. Instead, it should always be easy to clean and tidy up after making meals. This actually helps saving time and also making it low maintenance will allow you to make meals without any worries. In cases where young adults or oldies make pancakes, this aspect should never be a hassle for them! They should enjoy what they make. Opting for devices that are deemed to be washed in the dishwasher should handle the entire fiasco.

Nonstick Coating

It is one of the features which will enable you to save time, money, and even energy. It’s simply due to all that nonstick coating does to the devices. Firstly, they help in cleaning pancake makers easily because the batter doesn’t stick on the surface. Also, due to the fact that it isn’t as messy as other types. If this feature is missing from the pancake maker of your choice, then be ready to use oil or something greasy on the maker as well as in the batter.

Electric or Gas

Pancake making devices are far better than those which are operated through the gas. Obviously, there are some solid reasons for the verdict. Electric ones are energy savers and can be taken from one to the other place easily. On the contrary, gas-powered ones require liquid propane or natural gas to operate. Also, they can’t be moved from one place. Hence, they are tedious to work on!

Material Used

Heavy-duty models are the best to go for! Pancake makers, therefore, should be such which can guarantee long-lasting and durability. For that, the material really matters! Look out for a maker that is made up of high-quality material.


Nine inches of the griddle plate is the ideal size for pancake making devices. However, this could be adjusted according to the space you have got in the kitchen. Also, a number of pancakes, waffles, or crepes you want in each batch should be considered before making mind on buying the best pancake maker.

Single or Double/Dual

It is something you need to figure out on your own. Depending on the space you have to work on and also the quantity you need in each batch, you should decide on the purchase. If you want something for breakfast or evening snacks and there are too many people in the house, then opting for a double model would be justified. Otherwise, a single plated which makes one crepe or pancake at a time would give the best result.

Final Words

The best pancake maker is one that comes with most features, justifies the need, provides solutions instead of making a deal to work on, and most importantly should be easy in the pocket.


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