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Top 7 Best Headphones For Glasses Wearers 2024 – Reviews

Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control -...
Good Choice
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade,...
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OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Wireless Headphones w/ 72H Playtime, Hi-Res, 3.5mm/6.35mm...
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control -...
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade,...
OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Wireless Headphones w/ 72H Playtime, Hi-Res, 3.5mm/6.35mm...
Best Choice
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control -...
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control -...
Good Choice
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade,...
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade,...
Don't Miss
OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Wireless Headphones w/ 72H Playtime, Hi-Res, 3.5mm/6.35mm...
OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Wireless Headphones w/ 72H Playtime, Hi-Res, 3.5mm/6.35mm...

As someone who has been wearing glasses since he was eight, I can clearly understand how difficult it can be to find a set of headphones that do not make your ears sore after a few minutes of wearing them.

Many of you might say that a pair of contact lenses can solve my problem and you would be right. But I have sensitive eyes that tear up every time I try putting on lenses, so it was never a solution.

Fortunately, my need let me to try multiple sets of headphones to find a pair that I could wear comfortably. And now, because of that experience, I am able to share with you all my list of 7 best headphones for glasses wearers.

The List of Best Headphones to Use With Glasses

All of the headsets in this list are very comfortable to wear, are either wired or wireless, and fall in different price ranges to suit every type of person. You can find their names and prices in the table below. However, if you are looking for detailed information, I have reviewed each of these headphones below as well.

#1. The QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphone by Bose


Available in silver, black and rose gold colors, these headphones are Bluetooth enabled and huge. Huge because they have large speaker cups. The cups are padded with a thick layer of foam which is covered with a leather-like fabric. They are very easy on the ear and can be worn for longer periods without becoming a bother.

As far as their audio quality goes, well, it’s just amazing. You get the crisp and clear sound output without any distraction from the outside noise, thanks to its 3 levels of noise cancellation. The in-built mic is perfect for voice calls and works flawlessly.

The built quality feels durable and sturdy in hands. You can find a power switch as well as multi-function multimedia buttons on one side of the headphone and a dedicated Alexa button on the other. By the way, Alexa works great on these things. Apart from what the hardware offers, you can gain more functionality by downloading and connecting your headphones with the Bose app.

  • Offers wireless and wired connectivity with Bluetooth and included aux cable
  • Can be bought in three different colors
  • More features like augmented reality by connecting through the dedicated app
  • Has three levels of noise cancellation which can be adjusted manually
  • Offers a great battery life
  • Is Alexa enabled right out of the box
  • Has a 2.5mm audio jack instead of the conventional 3.5mm one
  • Calling through Alexa only works if the headset is connected to your phone

#2. Professional Studio Headphones ATH-M50X By Audio-Technica


If the name hasn’t given it away already, these are professional headphones designed for studios. Their build quality is amazing. The headband is covered with foam, so are the large earcups. The foam padding makes it really comfortable to wear, even with glasses on.

The output quality of ATH-M50x is also amazing. You get a great level of clarity, so much so that you can make out all the basses accurately. I am not sure if they have noise cancellation but the foam padding does a great job of keeping all the unwanted sound away from your ears, making these headphones perfect for even loud and noisy environments.

Its folding design makes it easy to carry with you everywhere. You get a carrying case in the box, along with two detachable cables, one coiled and one straight. The only thing that bothered me about the ATH-M50x is its weight. But if you can look past that, these are a great pair.

  • The pair has padded headband as well as earcups which make them comfortable to wear for long hours
  • They have a collapsible design for compact and easy carry
  • The pair comes with a carrying case and two detachable cables out of the box
  • Large and padded earcups help in isolating the in-ear sound of the headphones from outside environmental noise
  • Can be used in sound studios because these are that good
  • Wired
  • Takes a little getting used to wearing these and can feel a tad heavy initially

#3. Cloud II by HyperX – Best for Glass Wearers


I’ll be honest with you guys. Ever since I got glasses, I’ve been called a nerd and a geek. So, I think it’s only fair that I include a gaming headset on this list as well. And for just under a $100, these are a great pair to own even for your gaming consoles.

They offer the 7.1 surround sound output and have built-in echo and noise-canceling in them. The built quality isn’t very high but they feel good and strong in hands. The headband and earcups are padded with memory foam which makes for a great wearing experience. Since it is a headset, it has a microphone for those multiplayer games like Fortnite. The good thing is, the mic can be detached if you only wish to use the set as a pair of headphones.

Unfortunately, this one also only offers wired connectivity. It does, however, ships with a lot of accessories in the box. You get a travel pouch, an extra pair of foam earcups, and a USB supported control box to provide connectivity on devices that do not have an audio jack but carry a USB port.

  • The music output is great with every detail exceptionally audible
  • The padding works great to block out any outside noise even when the music is not playing
  • The mic can easily be detached when not wanted or not in use
  • Memory foam padding makes for a great fit on most head sizes
  • They virtually mimic 7.1 surround sound with great accuracy and praiseworthy results
  • Once the headset is connected through the included USB dongle, the mic volume cannot be controlled or adjusted
  • The connector cable of the headset is rather short and may provide a problem if your PC is more than 3 feet away from your head

#4. The Samson Technologies’ SR850 – Semi-Open-Back


The SR850 may be one of the cheapest offerings on this list, but it is in no way anything less than the others. Granted, it’s built quality isn’t as great as the more pricier options, nonetheless, this list is about the headphones with good sound quality and comfort of wearing over the glasses clad ears.

You do get the adjustable headband here but there is no padding. Instead, the band rests over a leatheresque strap. The earcups are padded though and rest comfortably over the ears. You get a high-frequency output from it which makes everything you are listening to, to transform literally to music to your ears.

There’s only wired connectivity option and the only function you get on the headphone is the volume control. Overall, these are great for daily commute and can easily last you a few months over a year.

  • Simple and minimalistic design with only volume control on the headphone
  • Highly affordable price tag with a comparatively great sound output
  • Very lightweight and ideal for daily use, especially during commute
  • The padded earcups make for a comfortable wearing experience even for long hours
  • The velour covered padding doesn’t make your ears sweat as vinyl does
  • There’s no padding on the headband
  • Earcups are not designed to fit larger ears
  • There’s no noise cancellation which can become a bother if you are listening on low volume levels

#5. OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Studio Headphones – Over The Ear


If I had to define this pair from OneOdio, I would probably call ‘em INCREDIBLE. There are many things that justify why there are one of the best headphones for glasses wearers. For one, they look pretty stylish and have an expensive vibe to them, Yet, they do not cost you as much.

Secondly, these offer both, wired and Bluetooth connectivity. It even has sound sharing. They have memory foam padding for earcups and the headband. The foldable and flexible design makes them easy to carry and fit on every head, effortlessly.

And don’t even get me started on the sound quality. There’s noise isolation, crisp and smooth output and if you are into creating music yourself, these headphones can connect to two separate devices at the same time and deliver their output simultaneously. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this is my favorite pair on the list. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks that I’ll share below.

  • Offers both, wired as well as Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • These are available in three colors and all of them look pretty stylish
  • They offer music sharing over Bluetooth
  • The battery can easily last up to 18 or 19 hours of listening sessions
  • The A70 can be connected to two devices at the same time for simultaneous output
  • I found the stereo balance to be a bit off on careful listening
  • The volume control on the pair only works on Bluetooth connectivity and not on wired

#6. COWIN E7 Headphones With Active Noise Cancellation


The E7 comes with a large choice of colors, 6 to be exact. And the best way to describe these colors is to call them hip. They provide great noise cancellation for an enhanced and enjoyable music listening experience. The output on E& is powerful and clear.

They offer the standard wired and NFC supported Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The earcups and headband are padded as usual. However, the E7 has a pleather covering the padding for more comfort. According to the box, the pair can last 30 hours on battery but I found the claim to be rather far fetched as I was hardly able to go over 22 hours during my time with them.

The presence of multiple hardware buttons on the headphones always keeps you in control, in every situation. Another good thing is that these things come with an 18-month warranty. Oh! They come with a carrying pouch as well but I’d rather say that you wear them on your neck instead because they are really good looking.

  • The E7 is lightweight, affordable and can be bought in 6 different colors
  • It is so comfortable that it can be worn for the whole day literally, without batting an eye
  • The noise cancellation technology is next level here, and can easily drown out most environmental noises
  • The sound output is seamless with almost perfect highs and lows
  • NFC paired with Bluetooth provides for an uninterrupted wireless connectivity experience
  • The included cable is way too short for any type of wired connectivity

#7. Mpow 059 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones for Glass Wearers – On Budget


The final entrant on my list is 059 from Mpow. it comes in an even larger variety of colors than the earlier mentioned E7. It’s a lot cheaper too. The 059 is padded with memory foam and covered with protein leather for extra comfort. The headphone is designed to fit and adjust to any head. The overall look of the pair is absolutely astonishing. And the foldable design makes it for an easy carry.

You get both, Bluetooth and wired connectivity options. The battery can effortlessly last you around 18 to 19 hours. While there is no ANC (active noise cancellation), the padding on the earcups does a decent job of isolating any unwanted sounds.

The sound output is high-fidelity or as most of you may call it, hi-fi. The music listening experience is good but taking calls in an open space is very troublesome, especially for the person on the other side.

  • Can be bought in a plethora of colors to accurately reflect your street style
  • Long lasting battery is perfect for undisturbed sessions
  • The foldable design makes it easy to put away when not wanted
  • Perfect for anyone looking for a good piece of equipment under a constrained budget
  • Dual connectivity ensure you keep enjoying the music even after the battery has died
  • The absence of ANC can be greatly felt when used for answering or making calls
  • The mic only works when the device is connected through Bluetooth

Keep reading the buying guide below if you are still unable to make a decision, as I have discussed a few points that you may find to be pretty helpful.

Ultimate Buying Guide For Best Bluetooth Headset to Wear With Glasses

Before you make a decision, you need to understand a few things and have a clear idea about your requirements. I get it that comfort is at the top of the list for glasses wearers like us, there are still certain things that cannot be overlooked.

Connectivity Options

How you plan to use your headphones will help you decide on what type of connectivity option(s) is best for you. If you plan to use it at a stationary position, your office cabin for instance, then only a wired device should serve you well enough. If you plan to use the same pair of headphones during your commute too than a Bluetooth enabled device may be better suited.

Padding and It’s Covering

For a glasses wearer, it is a must to get a headset that has padding in several areas. But a common problem with most padded headphones is that the covering of the foam is usually vinyl which can make you sweat like a pig. Protein leather or pleather covered headphones help in keeping the sweating to a minimum.

Active Noise Cancellation

Since we are only talking about over the ears headphones in this post, buying a pair with ANC is also dependent on every individual’s need. If you plan to use your headphones in a quiet environment, ANC is one feature you can do without.


Again, whether you need a mic or not is entirely dependent on your situation. However, if you plan to go for a pair with a mic, make sure you choose a set that also has ANC or the whole purpose of having the mic will be lost.

Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the sound quality and portability of the headphones in my buying guide. Well, as far as sound quality goes, if you do not have anything to compare your new pair to, the sound quality seriously doesn’t matter. As for portability, most of the releases from the last 5 years offer them, so I am assuming them to be a given. I hope you find what you are looking for in this list. If you don’t or if you end up getting something that’s is better and not on this list, let me know so I can update my list of best headphones for glasses wearers.


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