Chewing gum might just be the best thing to ever have been invented. You get everything you could ever want from them. Flavor, stress relief, something to do but it all comes at a cost: sugar. Now as fun as it is to pop a gum at any given time, the sugar just is not worth it. The risk of diabetes, weight gain, diseases, all that for gum? That does not sound fun. Lucky for you, sugar-free gum is here to save the day! Now, you can chew all you want without any of the risks. There is, however, the question of flavor.

The List of Best Suger Free Gums That Are Made With Natural Ingredients

A lot of gums rely on the sugar or superior taste and you’ll be needing to go through a lot of gum to figure out what tastes good and what doesn’t. Luckily for you, we already did all that work for you and compiled a list of the seven best sugar-free gums. Let’s get into it.

#1. Fresh Sugar-Free Chewing Gum with Xylitol by Mentos

With the reputation mentos has, you can trust any product they put out. Bursting with flavor, freshness, and juice, their candy does not disappoint and this one is no exception. With six bottles of gum, there is nothing you can’t do. Keep it in your car, your bedside drawer, your office table, anywhere you’ll be needing a bit of freshening up and this gum will not disappoint. With no sugar and gluten, you can be assured that you get all the good stuff with none of the bad.

Besides, the top ingredient is Xylitol which is perfect for keeping away tooth decay. The Green Tea extract goes the extra mile and keeps your breath fresh for much longer than any other gum. It comes in nine exciting flavors: Airheads Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Fresh Mint, Ice Flurry, Spearmint, Sweet Mint, White Sweet Mint, and Wintergreen. So you can take your pick (or get all of them why not) and enjoy the fresh minty goodness anywhere, any time.

Overall, this is a brilliant addition to any household and great for the entire friendly. Keep healthy, fresh and your tongue bursting with flavor with the Fresh Sugar-Free Gum by Mentos.

  • Free of sugar and gluten
  • Top ingredient Xylitol
  • Nine different flavors
  • Made from green tea extract which keeps your breath fresh
  • Attractive packaging
  • The flavor is not compromised by the lack of sugar
  • More quantity
  • A variety of different flavors
  • The cotton candy flavor does not taste like cotton candy

#2. Gum 5 Peppermint Cobalt Sugar-Free Gum

Want something strong to stay awake? This is the gum for you. With a cool, minty taste, you can be sure that this gum is going to keep you refreshed and awake for hours. It is super long-lasting with the flavor staying for a good 4 hours so you can keep on working on it to keep busy or awake and never tire of it. The peppermint Cobalt flavor is much loved by all and rightly so.

The freshness paired with the unbeatable coolness is something that you won’t find in any gum except the 5 Gum. The flavor is not at all compromised by the lack of sugar and remains as strong as ever. The thing that really sets them apart is their packaging. With a gripping design and brilliant color scheme, it is bound to catch anyone’s attention. However, with the cover having truth or dare challenges printed, you can be sure to be the life of the party and challenge anyone at any time.

It makes for an excellent challenge and is just a really cool thing to have on a gum pack. Overall, if something strong is your forte, then this is the gum for you.

  • Ten 15-piece packs of gum per box
  • Peppermint Cobalt flavor with a cool, refreshing taste
  • Freshens breath more than the average gum
  • Cheap and good for the price
  • Attractive packaging
  • Strong flavor
  • Eye-catching package
  • More in quantity for a lower price
  • The truth or dare packages may have NSFW texts

#3. Ice Cubes Sugar-Free Gum with Xylitol by Ice Breakers

Love gum but worried about your dental hygiene? Well, now you don’t have to! The Ice Cubes Sugar-free Gum with Xylitol is perfect for anyone wanting the flavor while also preserving their pearly whites. The gum is much higher is xylitol than other gums. Having one piece is more than enough to prevent cavities while not compromising on the flavor at all. Another thing that truly sets it apart is its stickiness. With just the right amount ott pull out all the food particles and not be annoying or hard to chew, this gum is ideal for retaining your dental health.

The peppermint coolness is perfect as a post-meal breath freshener and does wonders for keeping you fresh and on your toes throughout the day. The packaging is also exceptionally brilliant and can be put anywhere you’ll remember to take it from. The resealable pack preserves the freshness and makes you feel as if you just bought it.

Overall, it is perfect for anyone concerned about their dental hygiene, and not only does it simply not cause any harm but it also effectively works against it. It pulls off the bacteria and the exceptionally high amount of xylitol prevents any cavities.

  • Easy to carry container
  • Resealable packets
  • Cube-shaped gum
  • A very high amount of xylitol to prevent cavities
  • Peppermint flavored with mint crystals
  • Very healthy
  • Great Flavor
  • Resealable packets
  • Cube-shaped gum makes it hard to chew at first

#4. Extra Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Are you a fan of cool flavors? If so, this is the perfect gum for you. EXTRA is known for its brilliant flavors and there’s a reason for it. With eight fun and long-lasting flavors, this gum beats any other. Their bulk package offers ten packets with 15 sticks in each for less than 10 dollars which is a deal offered by none other.

Besides, not only is it cheap, but it is also more in quantity and of excellent quality. The minty and icy flavor is bound to keep you refreshed and is perfect for sharing with a friend too. The gum is also quite long-lasting with the flavor staying for more than an hour per stick so it is perfect for people who like to chew their gum for a long time and even for anxiety chewers. You can get everything you’d want from gum from the EXTRA sugar-free gum.

It is to be noted that it does not have any xylitol so you might have some bacterial build up if you chew them too much. Overall, this gum is perfect for anyone looking for something good to pass the time with.

  • Each box contains ten packs containing 15 sticks
  • Icy and minty flavor bound to keep one refreshed and energized
  • The long-lasting flavor keeps you chewing for more than an hour
  • Nine exciting flavors to keep everything fresh
  • Refreshing minty flavor also gives you fresher breath
  • Cheap and good for the price
  • Excellent shape and packaging
  • Super long-lasting
  • The taste might be too strong for some

#5. Trident Sugar-Free Bubblegum

Trident already has a reputation that precedes it and rightly so. Their gums are some of the most flavorful and most demanded all over the world. Their sugar-free gums are some of the most highly acclaimed ones bursting with flavor and coolness. Carrying 30% fewer calories than their sugared counterparts, you can be sure that they are much healthier than other gums.

The top ingredient is xylitol which adds to the flavor and also helps with dental hygiene by preventing bacterial buildup and cavities. It is also a good choice to chew them after eating since they pull out the food particles and prevent immediate plaque buildup and freshen your breath. They have also changed the size and shape of the gum for something newer which has gotten mixed reviews from the consumers. While some are very happy with it, others prefer the old shape better.

Regardless, the new shape makes it easier to chew and also keeps in the flavor for a longer time. The packaging is quite positively brilliant. The slim packet keeps twice as much gum as you’d expect it too and it is all kept in place with the sleeve. You can slip it anywhere without it being too bulky and pop a gum whenever you feel like it.

  • New shape and consistency for the gum
  • Each box contains 12 packets with 14 pieces in each
  • Xylitol helps prevent cavities
  • Freshens breath
  • Chewing after eating prevents any plaque and cleans teeth
  • Less money for more quantity
  • Excellent packaging
  • Good flavor
  • The flavor is not long-lasting and the gum becomes hard after 20 minutes or so

#6. Bubblemint Sugarfree Gum by Orbit

The Orbit bubble mint sugarfree gum has one of the best flavors on could ask for. Coming in a resealable package with 180 pieces in every packet at only six dollars, this is a deal you simply can not refuse. The cool minty flavor is bound to keep you refreshed and satisfied for hours and freshens your breath too. You can pop it in before giving any presentation or a big date so that you can go looking and smelling like a star.

The new recipe and design also make the gum bigger with a softer chew which is greatly appreciated by all consumers and betters the experience tenfold. The package is super versatile and can be stored anywhere be it your car, your work desk, or even your purse. The resealable properties also keep the gum fresh and chewable. It is perfect for anyone who wants a quick chew to freshen up or even for someone with a constantly dry mouth.

It keeps you refreshed and occupied for hours with its very chewy nature. Overall, while not the best of the best gum, it is perfect to get by with good packaging and exceptional flavor.

  • Resealable and refillable packaging
  • Bigger size and softer chew with the new design and recipe
  • Bubble mint flavor is cool and refreshing
  • Freshens Breath
  • Does not contain xylitol
  • Refillable packet
  • More quantity
  • Good flavor
  • Unsatisfactory ingredients and lack of xylitol

#7. Delicious & Refreshing Peppermint Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

EXTRA’s peppermint flavor is great for anyone wanting a cool kick. The minty flavor is long-lasting and highly refreshing paired with its chewiness, you are guaranteed to have more than an hour of chewing fun and still have flavor remaining. It is in the perfect packet to be slipped anywhere be it a coat pocket, car, work desk, or at home. Each box contains ten packs with 14 pieces in each and all that for less than 10 dollars.

However, you do need to take some caution as it contains phenylalanine which gives you an adrenaline rush but can also be harmful and addictive if taken in large amounts. That being said, the ingredients make it the perfect candidate for any pre-presentation or event preparation. The minty coolness and adrenaline keep you pumped up and gives you the confidence to do your best. The lack of xylitol makes it not favorable for some people but the flavor is not compromised at all. However, you might want to keep a light hand with these, or else the sweetness and flavor might do your teeth quite a number.

Overall, it is perfect for anyone looking for that extra kick in the middle of their day. You can get more of it for a lesser price and keep refreshed throughout your day by popping one in whenever you feel stressed or need a break.

  • Fun and attractive packaging
  • Contains phenylalanine
  • Long-lasting cool and minty flavor to keep you refreshed
  • Freshens your breath
  • Does not have xylitol
  • Cheap
  • Lots of flavor and long-lasting
  • More quantity
  • Ingredients make it unbearable for some people

Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Best Suger-Free Gums

While there’s not much to be said about buying gum, you still have a few things to keep in mind to get the best sugar-free gum. Some things you should keep in mind while purchasing your gum are the ingredients, the packaging, the shape, and the price.


First off, the ingredients. This might just be the most important thing you need to check before purchasing anything, most of all gum. If you simply want something to chew on and don’t really care much for the substances in it, then you’re in the clear. However, if you want something more healthy or are allergic to certain substances, take a look at the ingredients list before getting anything.

If dental hygiene is your number one concern, try getting something with xylitol. It does wonders for your teeth by preventing cavities, bacterial buildup, and plaque buildup. If you’re someone who likes to pop some gum after food, you should definitely get something with xylitol as it takes out all the food particles and impurities and leaves your teeth very healthy.

Before getting anything, consider where you will be keeping it. If you want to store it in a drawer or cupboard or even your car, a resealable packet might be the way to go. However, if you want something more accessible to store in your pocket or bag, a box-type packet with inner sleeves might be your thing. This may not seem very important but it does affect you quite a bit if you’re someone who likes to have gum on the daily.


The shape is more of a personal preference than anything. Some people feel more at home with the traditional stick shape while some people find cube pieces easier to chew. However, the stick gums do tend to get hard very quickly so if you want something more long-lasting, small cube pieces are the shape for you. On the other hand, if you want to break up the piece for another time, the stick shape is ideal for you. While the cube pieces last longer in your mouth, the sticks last longer generally.


Finally, the price. While the price won’t really be too high, it is common to find gums that are much more expensive than their counterparts for no apparent reason. Usually, that’s due to flashier packaging or extra coloring, but these things don’t affect the taste at all. It is better to stick to better known and less expensive brands. However, if you want some cool or out of the box chewing-gum that is still relatively cheap, 5 gum is the way to go. With brilliant flavor and better packaging, this will sate all your desires.

Final Thoughts

With that, we conclude the guide for best sugar-free gums. We hope you found it helpful and informative and you found your favorite too. Which one are you most likely to buy and why? Let us know in the comments below along with any feedback or suggestions. Until next time. Happy Chewing!


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