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10 Best Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth {#3 is Budget Pick}

top 7 best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth
Written by Kane Dane
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Having sensitive teeth is not fun. You can’t eat things that are too hot, too cold, can’t use certain kinds of toothpaste, have a list of dos and don’ts that make your life a living hell. You can’t even use electric toothbrushes without it hurting like a visit to a particularly inexperienced dentist. It sucks to have to stick to traditional toothbrushes that cost way more than just one investment in an electric toothbrush that will last you months.

That is precisely why, today, we bring you the best electric toothbrushes for sensitive teeth because you deserve the ease and the simplicity that everyone else gets to experience.

Top Electric Toothbrush in 2023

With that, we also have a buyers’ guide to make sure you know exactly what to get.

#1. Sensitive Care Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush by Oral-B


Oral-B is quite a reputable company and one that is highly recommended by dentists so it’s no surprise their product tops our list. The Sensitive Care Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush comes with a rechargeable handle, a charger, two additional brush heads, and a travel case for ease of usage especially while traveling. It works twice as well as any other brush with a guarantee of removing plaque with much more efficiency than any other brush and boy does it live up to that promise.

You can personalize it and also have a monitoring option after connecting to the Oral-B app for personalized cleaning routines so that you can work with what is best for you. The in-handle timer pulses after every 30 seconds by default to let you know it is time to switch positions in your mouth. More than that, the pressure sensor helps protects gums by regulating the pressure automatically. The three in-built modes are also extremely helpful with Daily Clean, Gum Care Mode, and a Sensitive Mode.

Overall, despite it being a bit expensive, it is the perfect investment and the best thing you can do for your dental hygiene.

  • 3 Brushing Modes- Daily Clean, Gum Care, and Sensitive
  • Lithium-ion battery lasting a fortnight between charges
  • Pressure Sensor to make sure your gums are safe
  • Bluetooth technology to connect to Oral-B app for more personalized cleaning routines
  • An in-built timer to switch areas in the mouth
  • Excellent technology
  • Variety of brush modes
  • Long battery
  • Expensive

#2. Protective Clean 6100 Electric Toothbursh by Philips Sonicare


This toothbrush is one of the most high-tech ones you’ll find so if a variety of functions is what you’re looking for, then this is the toothbrush for you. With three different modes and intensities, you can completely customize your brushing routine. It is also completely safe and highly suitable for sensitivity, braces, fillings, crowns, and veneers. The smart technology guarantees complete plaque riddance with the water pulsating feature which pulses water between teeth in between brushing while the brush strokes cover more surface area and brush off any plaque.

It also has a pressure sensor that will alert you in case you start brushing too hard and tell you to ease it up which is quite useful especially if you tend to doze off. The brush handle and head are also well co-ordinated and if you’re someone to forgets to replace their toothbrush, worry no more for this brush will let you know the instant it wears out by a constant beeping.

The Quadpacer will let you know when you’ve spent enough time brushing each part of your mouth and when it is time to stop for extra convenience. Overall, this is an excellent toothbrush with brilliant technology which is recommended to everyone who can afford it.

  • Quadpacer to encourage thoroughly brushing
  • Plaque control brush head
  • Three modes and intensities for a personalized brushing experience
  • Advance sonic technology which pulses water in between your teeth while cleaning
  • Pressure sensor to make sure you don’t go too hard on your gums
  • Very high-tech
  • Multitude of functions
  • Safe and thorough cleaning
  • Costly

#3. Fairywill UltraSonic ADA Accepted Powered Electric Toothbrush – Budget Friendly


This is hands down one of the best toothbrushes you can find at the lowest possible rates. Not only is it incredibly powerful, but it is also long-lasting, has five different brushing modes, high-tech features, and all of that for only 30 dollars. The Sonic Technology 40,000 micro brushes per minute strength for a total cleaning time of two minutes is enough to make you feel brand new. It is also much quieter and lasts a whopping thirty days in between charges which is a lot more than any brush out there.

Moreover, the five different brushing modes guarantee a complete and well-rounded experience with all of them with or without sensitive teeth. The bristles are equipped with a color technology that lets you know when the brush has worn out due to the bristle color changing. It also comes with an extra three brush heads to last you through at least a year without any additional costs.

The two-minute timer lets you know when it is time to stop brushing with thirty-second intervals to change the position. Overall, it is an excellent brush, and the fact that it is so inexpensive just adds to its overall appeal.

  • Powerful and deep cleaning
  • Five different brush modes
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof design
  • Perfect for traveling
  • More brushing modes than other brushes
  • Lasts longer between charges
  • More powerful and thorough
  • Might be a little strong for sensitive teeth

#4. Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth & Gum


Looking for something simple yet effective? This is for you. With all the necessary functions and twice the efficiency, this brush can solve all your problems. With 35,000 micro-brush per minute, you can be sure that your teeth are going to be white as pearls in no more than one week.

Moreover, the three different modes provide a personalized and comfortable experience for each and every individual which is only enhanced by the 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals to alert you to change the position of the brush. The charge time is four hours and the brush lasts for 30 days in between charges which is a lot more than most brushes out there. It is also twice as lightweight as most electric toothbrushes which make for easy handling and overall better and less tiring experience.

The travel-friendly design also makes it an excellent choice for a frequent traveler or a student studying abroad. Overall, it is a cheap and good choice for anyone looking for quality over quantity.

  • Extra powerful cleaning with 35,000 micro strokes per minute
  • Four hour charging period needed for a 30-day operating period
  • 3 modes to cover all your requirements and provide a personalized brushing experience
  • Extremely lightweight and travel-friendly design to make sure it is accessible and user-friendly for everyone
  • Three brush heads to last you a long time before needing a replacement
  • Lightweight and extremely user-friendly
  • Inexpensive with no compromise on the quality
  • Long-lasting and extremely effective
  • Some brush heads may not fit after the original three run out

#5. Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


Tight on money? This is the one for you. In less than 20 dollars, you can have a simple yet highly effective electric toothbrush to take care of your dental hygiene. Having a rate of up to 31,000 strokes per minute, you are bound to be left with only the whitest teeth in the room. Despite being quite powerful, it is suitable for sensitive teeth, braces, implants, and veneers. The contoured and extra-soft bristles are designed in a manner that reaches deep between gaps and removes all plaque and impurities making it the best choice on a budget.

The soft-grip handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver and guarantees a comfortable brushing experience. You have to apply minimum pressure while brushing and the brush will take care of the rest for you. Moreover, the smart timer will shut down the brush automatically after two minutes which is the recommended time by health professionals. You can also slowly get used to the brush with the easy-start feature which gently increases the power over the first 12 uses to make sure it does not get very overwhelming.

The battery lasts up to two weeks in between charges and the battery indicator blinks when it is time to recharge for your convenience. Overall, you can’t do much better than this brush.

  • Sonic technology enabling up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute for the best experience
  • Easy-start feature eases you into using the brush over the first 12 uses
  • A smart timer to time the brushing time for the optimal experience
  • Contoured and soft bristles alongside an angled neck for a comfortable experience
  • Lasts for up to two weeks in between charges
  • Inexpensive
  • More comfortable as compared to other brushes
  • Useful yet minimal features
  • No variety in modes which may lead to trouble for different people

#6. Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush – White


If instant gratification paired with a high-tech device is your cup of tea, then this is the toothbrush for you. Equipped with Bluetooth communication makes it easier to collaborate between the app and the brush to keep a real-time check on brushing habits which maximizes output and helps achieve better results. The brush head is equipped with a floss action feature with micropulse bristles for a deeper and better cleaning which when paired with the 3D cleaning action that provides a greater range of motion and removes more plaque along the gum line proves to give nothing less than the best results.

The pressure sensor lights up on the brush and your phone if brushing too hard. It comes with five modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean which can be chosen with user discretion to provide the best experience for them. The two-minute timer pulses after every 30 seconds to let you know it is time to switch positions and shuts down after the designated 2-minute time period. Overall, this toothbrush is perfect for anyone looking for a variety of functions and is especially great for sensitive teeth since their sensitive mode is one of the best out there.

It is highly recommended for anyone with braces or extra careful about dental hygiene since the Bluetooth function is perfect for extensive monitoring.

  • Bluetooth option that allows you to collaborate between phone and electric brush
  • Round brush head with floss action and micropulse bristles for a deep and extensive cleaning experience
  • Comes with the 3D cleaning action
  • The pressure sensor lights up the brush and the smartphone
  • 5 modes provide a variety of options to choose from
  • Variety of highly useful features
  • Bluetooth connection
  • The brush head and bristles enable a better cleaning experience
  • The charger lights up quite brightly while charging which can be distracting and irritating

#7. New Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth


For anyone who is very attentive towards their dental hygiene, this is the brush for you. With advanced Bluetooth and electric brush collaboration, you can turn on Position detector to find out here you haven’t brushed using facial recognition technology to make sure you brush thoroughly. If you need more, a customizable smart ring provides real-time visual coaching and guidance on pressure and important spots so that you can brush in the best way possible. The pressure sensor also goes one step beyond and lowers the intensity when it seems that there is too much pressure and also provides a signal to let you know when you’re overbrushing your gums. 

It comes with 6 brushing modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue Cleaning, and Pro-Clean which ensures you have a personalized mode for you to achieve the best results. The smart travel case is also quite something. Not only can it charge your toothbrush but can also charge your phone which is an additional and very welcomed bonus. The battery lasts two weeks between charges which is a perfectly acceptable number and can give the highest form of output.

Overall, you can maintain your dental hygiene to a T with this brush. It is recommended for anyone looking for something a little extra and wouldn’t mind spending more on a brush.

  • Allows you to do more with your phone with the Position Detector
  • Smart ring provides real-time visual coaching
  • Pressure sensor alters speed as necessary and visibly alerts at overbrushing
  • Smart travel case allows you to charge the toothbrush and your phone on the go
  • 6 modes that give you a variety of options
  • Wide variety of useful functions
  • Multi-purpose travel case
  • More modes
  • A lot of functions don’t often work

Buyers’ Guide to Pick The Best Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Buying an electric toothbrush can be hard, not because of the lack of options, but because of the wide variety of products available. When getting an electric toothbrush, it is important to know what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Therefore, we’ve made this buyers’ guide for you so that you can breeze through all products and get the one that is meant for you.


The first thing to consider when buying an electric toothbrush (especially for sensitive teeth) is the brand. This may seem exclusionary but when it comes to dental hygiene and that too a specialized kind of dental hygiene, you need a brand you can trust. Our first choice is always Oral-B. Their products are a bit on the expensive side but it is a worthwhile investment considering their reputation, variety of features and modes, and comes recommended by most dental professionals. Other notable brands also include Fairywill and Phillips Sonicare. Of course, you can get other brands too but it is important to do research and get reviews from people before getting it.


The next thing to look for is the functions.  This may seem strange but is very important. You need to know how you’ll be using your toothbrush. Are you very attentive towards your dental hygiene and want to keep track of how you’re doing? Try getting one with a Bluetooth feature. Do you have sensitive gums and teeth? Get one with a sensitive mode. Do you have a tendency to over brush or focus on one specific area? Get one with a pressure sensor or a timer. It is important to know what you need and get a product that caters to those needs.


The last thing to look for is the price. How much are you willing to pay and for what? Do you want something simple that gets the job done? Do you want something high-tech? Do you want something with a wide variety of features? There are a lot of options available in every price range and you need to figure out what you want and how much for. It is useless to spend almost a hundred dollars on something you don’t even want. Instead, go for the brush that has your desired range of functionality and the quality in which you want them. You can find the best of the best products only if you look for them.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this guide informative and helpful. Which is your favorite brush? Do you have anything to add on? Put it all down in the comments below, we love hearing from you! Until next time. Happy Brushing!


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