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Top 7 Best Laptop for Interior Design 2024 – [Top 7 Picks]

best laptop for interior design
Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2020) Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS Type Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
Good Choice
ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 512GB...
Don't Miss
MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070...
Also Consider
OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q, Intel Core i7-10750H, 32 GB DDR4 RAM,...
ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2020) Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS Type Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 512GB...
MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070...
OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q, Intel Core i7-10750H, 32 GB DDR4 RAM,...
Best Choice
ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2020) Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS Type Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2020) Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS Type Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
Good Choice
ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 512GB...
ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 512GB...
Don't Miss
MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070...
MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070...
Also Consider
OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q, Intel Core i7-10750H, 32 GB DDR4 RAM,...
OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q, Intel Core i7-10750H, 32 GB DDR4 RAM,...

What’s charming about a great interior design is its neatness, minimalism, innovativeness … the list goes on forever apparently.

But behind every successful outcome, there’s an efficient tool.

Such is the case of design too. A great design needs a great designing tool to be designed.

In our digital era, personal computers (in the form of desktop workstations, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones) are the key designing tools. Say, unless you don’t have the best laptop for interior design, your design simply isn’t gonna be the best, let alone be good.

Computers are the most essential part to the creation of any graphic design … and honestly, the machine that you’re using to create that design MATTERS A LOT.

So, what do I want you to do?


The Ultimate List of Best Laptops for Interior Designers in 2024

Think about these new beautiful pieces I’ve chosen for your interior designing career. They’ll boost your efficiency, will help you grow, and most of all, will work as an investment and will bring you a return ASAP.

Excited? Yeah, me too. Let’s get into it!

#1. ASUS ROG Strix G15 10th Gen – Powerful Laptop for Interior Design


ASUS ROG Strix G15 is the only mid-range interior design laptop on my list. It must be here for a reason, right? Well, yes.

To put simply, it’s a complete machine: compatible with the relevant software, top-of-the-line display, beautiful RGB keyboard, and diverse connectivity.

Talking about its compatibility with the relevant software means we need to understand the different programs industry is using right now.

Most commonly, AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro, and 3ds Max are used. All of these programs run under in and 16 GB of memory and a decent mid-range graphics card – as you already know, most probably.

ASUS ROG Strix is the readymade boss here. Packing a decent 8 GB DDR6 memory with a wonderful 1 TB SSD. It runs on a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070.

Crazy, I know – solves almost all of the problems already.

But what about extensive working? Bad displays hurt the eyes, right?

Interestingly, the FHD IPS display is enough to protect your eyes no matter how long you work. The display is 15.6-inch which is ideal as well given that you can place it on a desk and work upright.

Best part about this beautiful machine for your interior designing career is its extra utilities: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a very useful Kensington lock – might need that a lot in your office.

So, are you getting my point? Perfectly made to suit the needs of designers.

Some fun features are: ROG Intelligent Cooling and ROG Aura Sync. The former keeps the machine cool and running for hours, bearing all the heavy-duty work.

The latter keeps you in an engaged, fun, and creative environment with the RGB lighting synced with other ROG RGB products (mouse, keyboard etc.).

There are two sad bits of this inexplicably awesome machine: battery and portability.

It lasts about 5 hours in moderate settings … these are the settings where most of your work will be done. Plus, it weighs about 5.28 pounds, making it one of the heaviest laptops on my list.

But really, are these itsy-bitsy takeaways enough for us to not praise this inherently beautiful beast? If it was a woman, I’d kiss her!

#2. ASUS ZenBook 15.6” UHD 4K Laptop for Interior Designers


Second ASUS laptop on the list … Hm.

ASUS is doing something serious behind the closed curtains and the ZenBook 15 is the proof of it.

I’m a designing enthusiast too. I design Instagram carousels and a lot of branding material on my favorite workstations and laptops, using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and After Effects.

I understand how you feel about the screen colors ☹

Having the best display is absolutely essential in a great designing tool – ZenBook satisfies this domain.

With a perfect 15.6-inch UHD 4K NanoEdge bezel (1920 x 1080) display and 92% screen-to-body ratio, it gives you eye-comfort, color precision, and purchase satisfaction.

ASUS has fitted the breath-taking NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q in their muse, ZenBook 15, as well, and I just can’t have enough of it. Interior designing? You can run Solidworks here!

Alright, alright, the internals: runs the maestro Core i7 10th Gen beautifully. The pillars of this classic architecture are a 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD – you like, don’t you?

Listen more, the 5.65-inch touch-trackpad allows for a multitasking experience that’s totally unique – plus it adds that super cool show-off feature we all crave for!

Added to this, the versatile connectivity ports really seal the deal for us: two USB-A, one USB-C, an HDMI, SD card reader, and a headphone jack. Yes, an SD card reader.

Two more happy things about your new laptop for interior design are: built-in IR facial recognition and MIL-STD 810G (military grade product certification).

TBH, I don’t know how the second one is gonna make you feel, but the facial recognition part really speeds up your work where you no longer waste energy and time in logging in to the device repeatedly!

The sad part about this machine is the keyboard. Although good, the keyboard isn’t best suitable to our needs as the outline of the keys are only backlit – not the letter itself. This makes it hard to use at night.

With this out of mind, this is one of the lightest laptops on the list, waiting for you to take home!

#3. New Apple MacBook Pro Core i9 16 Inch Variant – For Mac Lovers


Sometimes, no matter what you do, you’re always back at the inevitable – such is the example of Apple.

You just can’t avoid it.

With the honor of being the most expensive product on my list, Apple MacBook Pro is also honored to be the most luxurious piece of tech for designers like you and me.

Packing the exotic 8-Core Intel Core i9 2.3 GHz processor, this beast leaves no stones unturned for the question whether it’s the best laptop for interior design or not.

I’ve chosen the 16 GB / 1 TB silver variant for you as I’ve looked for the perfect mix of budget and utility.

Displaying the retina colors on a 16.0-inch wonderful display, supported by the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M take things too far for casual interior designers. You can now learn skills in your spare time and add them up to your business and up the game!

I really LOVE the scissor-switch mechanism keys Apple uses. After repeated complaints and severe criticism on the butterfly-switch mechanism, Apple switched back to this legend, which is working to date. Happy typing my buddy ☹

Finally, the Face ID feature is no joke as well. The lesser the energy spent doing something else than making money, the better. This quick way to log in will only make your life easier.

Um, the connectivity is some serious issue here. With only four thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports only, I don’t see much workflow in your workplace here, but still, carrying a docking station isn’t much problem nowadays.

Although always known to be light, it weighs about 4.30 pounds. I’m not surprised. With the amount of this serious tech inside, it needs to be this heavy.

Whatever the naysayers might say, Apple knows how to make products that outweigh every other product in the market – impressed.

#4. Acer Predator Helios 300 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti


Guys this machine – Oof!


A predator preying on all other babies of mine (the laptops on this list).

What makes Acer Predator Helios 300 the best laptop for interior design is basically its ability to solve all your problems at one:

  1. You’re an interior designer on budget: it’s got your back.
  2. You work in a very diverse atmosphere where people have a lot of different machines.
  3. You still don’t wanna compromise on anything.

Yeah baby, Helios 300 is your new virtual assistant – say Hi?

Running on an Intel Core i7 9th Gen with a 16 GB RAM and 512 GB (upgradable) storage, you’re gonna ENJOY working on this beast.

The display size is 15.6-inch, which is an FHD IPS display supported by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti – miles ahead of the required GeForce 7100 for most interior design laptops.

Other than these main features, it has got a decent RGB keyboard, an advanced Wi-Fi 6, the 4th gen all-metal AeroBlade 3D fan, and a huge variety of ports.

Ah, yes, you wanna know the problem with it, don’t you?

Jokes on you, I don’t have any problems with this piece:  it’s cheap, modern, high-performing … I mean what more can I ask for?

Um, ha-ha, the battery …

Yeah, well, the battery (3 hours and a few minutes) may not really be your best bet, this snag ain’t huge enough to stop you from chasing your dreams, or is it?

#5. MSI GL65 Leopard RTX 2070 Thin Bezel Laptop for Interior Design


MSI GL65 Leopard is something hardcore, bruh.

Know that kid from school you don’t wanna mess up with, such is the example of MSI GL65.

Strong, robust, and efficient. Using the NVIDIDA GeForce RTX 2070 8G, GL65 seats itself as the king of the ring. The heavier programs (mostly CAD-based ones) will run smoothly, without any stress.

The Intel Core i7 10th Gen teamed up with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD promise the same performance most laptops in this list do, but guess where the difference lies? The bigger picture, my G.

It has the thinnest bezel screen, 100% screen-to-body ratio. It has a per-key RGB lighting (custom light for each key). A 720p webcam for real-time video calling and virtual workspace. An exceptionally high-resolution audio.

Good thing is that it also comes in the mid-range category yet packs a lot more serious stuff than most of the products I’ve reviewed until now.

Talking about connectivity, it has a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, a mini DisplayPort, an HDMI, and an RJ45 (ethernet).

The only snag here is the portability. Weighing a good 5.07 lbs., the laptop is heavy. But you can call it the best workstation laptop for interior designing as it works best while sitting on your desk.

Rest, I don’t really need to explain MSI to you … they’re one of the coolest brands in their area.

#6. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with AMD Ryzen 7 Surface Edition


People’s favorite, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 has had nothing but praises from friends and foes alike.

A full-fledge replacement to Apple’s MacBook lineup, this Ultrabook is the finest candidate for your best interior design laptop.

Running on a special AMD Ryzen 7 Surface Edition processor and an AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 graphics card, MS Surface Laptop 3 promises some serious performance when it comes to running CAD software.

The memory and storage could’ve been better than the existing one – 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD – in the existing price tag … but given the bigger picture and immense customer satisfaction, I believe it’s a sweet piece of tech.

It has a USB-C, a USB-A, and a headphone jack plus a Surface Connect port. Not much connectivity there, but surely enough to be useful ninety percent of the times.

The display is a Greek beauty: a 15.0-inch touchscreen display with a pen input – really, really good for drawings.

Backed by a sweet and decent battery time of 11 ½ hours, the uninterrupted workflow makes you more efficient and definitely adds up to your creativity.

The keyboard is nowhere behind too. It’s a market-leading backlit chiclet keyboard with a very comfortable real-estate, beautiful spacing, and an ergonomic build.

I would really say that MS Surface Laptop 3 defines the ideal laptop to use for interior designers. I mean, look at the weight too, it weighs hardly 3.40 lbs., this is the lightest laptop on my list, extremely portable.

Let me give you the best deal: don’t tell anyone and cart this beauty. Thank me later.

#7. Omen by HP with NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super Max-Q – High-Performance Laptop


Cliché: last but not the least, Omen by HP.

An absolute masterpiece, I mean, I’m proud that my human fellows have made such an exquisite machine that holds perfect utility perfectly.

Although it runs Core i7 8th Gen (which is substantially efficient already), the 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD make up for the price.

The graphics card is the same beast as ROG Strix, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, so the overall software compatibility is same as most beautiful ladies on my list.

It weighs about 5.31 lbs., which is the highest in this list, but it totally nails the purpose we’re looking to buy it for: interior designing. With its gorgeous chassis design, it’s your best desktop workstation laptop.

HP Omen gives a serious competition in the connectivity game, with three USB-A ports, a USB-C port, an HDMI 2.0, an ethernet RJ-45, and a mini DisplayPort – perfect mix of compactness and utility.

The display is all according to your needs as well: a 15.6-inch WLED-backlit FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge display, so nothing sad here.

The only unhappy part is the 5-hour battery life. But for the same reason, I mentioned that it’s more like a workstation … not something you would frequently carry around.

Let’s be honest, interior designing is not something you wanna be hasty with.

You do it fast, there are chances you’ll mess it up – and oh boy, architecture is such a sensitive field, if you do mess up, you’re gonna be in the bad books as long as that construction lasts.

Buyer’s Guide – Buying the Best Laptop for Interior Design

Now that I’ve helped you with the best pieces in the industry for this job, I want to EMPOWER YOU.

This empowering would help you to understand why I’ve chosen these laptops, and how can you choose the best piece for yourself in this buyer’s guide.


First and foremost, the internal specifications matter the most. The basic efficiency of your tool is gonna be defined by its internal machinery.

Mostly the software programs that you’ll be using require at least 8 GB of memory (some even go down to 2 GB), and my list ensures that all laptops ensure the recommended specs, not the minimum ones.

So, you need to make sure that the laptop you’re buying promises the best performance settings for the software of your choice.


Display and graphics matter because the whole purpose of virtual graphic modelling of potential building and constructions is to create a vivid picture and help the related people envision it properly.

A good display not only depends on a high-quality screen, but also a strong graphics card base.

All the laptops for you in this list provide a wonderful FHD IPS display along with some strong leading graphic cards from NVIDIA’s most-coveted GeForce lineup.

So, look out for a good display when on a search for your best laptop for interior design.


Although I haven’t stressed enough in the article, keyboard is pivotal in determining your efficiency.

About 90% of the times, we’re using the keyboard to do most of the work: all the shortcuts, all the controls – most of it is done by the keyboard.

You want a keyboard that makes you wanna touch it again and again, so look for a keyboard that has substantial real-estate and has the perfect spacing – like the ones on this list.


Most of the laptops above have abundant connectivity ports as I understand how difficult it becomes when you’re in a workplace and there’s a lot of collaborative work going on but you lack ports and then you have to find alternative file transfer ways.

And even when not in your workplace, there are chances that you’ll be needing connectivity ports a lot. So, don’t punish yourself by using a machine with little or no connectivity at all in exchange for chassis aesthetics. Be wise.

What Are The Best Laptops for Interior Designers?

My Last Words – The Conclusion

To finish it off, I’d say that be it interior designing or any other career/profession, you need to understand what you need.

In your profession, you need three specific things the most: performance, display, and utility. I have made my product choices revolving around these.

All of these are great machines and target specifically all that you need. But of course, there are factors you’d want to consider like the price.

About the price, I’d say the same thing to you that I say to myself: if your tool is good enough to make you a quick ROI, it’s never too expensive – it’s a 100% risk-free investment.

Never fear making it!


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