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7 Best Silent Gaming Mouse 2024 [Top 7 Picks]

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Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
VEGCOO Wireless Gaming Mouse, C8 Wireless Rechargeable Mouse with Colorful LED Lights and...
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Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse,Forter i720 Ergonomics Right-Handed Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse...
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VEGCOO Wireless Gaming Mouse, C8 Wireless Rechargeable Mouse with Colorful LED Lights and...
Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse,Forter i720 Ergonomics Right-Handed Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse...
Uciefy Q8 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse, 2.4GHz USB Optical Rechargeable Ergonomic LED Wireless...
Best Choice
VEGCOO Wireless Gaming Mouse, C8 Wireless Rechargeable Mouse with Colorful LED Lights and...
VEGCOO Wireless Gaming Mouse, C8 Wireless Rechargeable Mouse with Colorful LED Lights and...
Don't Miss
Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse,Forter i720 Ergonomics Right-Handed Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse...
Granvela Noiseless Wireless Mouse,Forter i720 Ergonomics Right-Handed Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse...
Also Consider
Uciefy Q8 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse, 2.4GHz USB Optical Rechargeable Ergonomic LED Wireless...
Uciefy Q8 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse, 2.4GHz USB Optical Rechargeable Ergonomic LED Wireless...

Are you a gaming enthusiast?

What is it that annoys you the most, especially when you are about to take a kill shot in one of your favorite shooting games? Now, you might have plenty of things in mind, but here’s one… that troublesome and noisy clicking sound. It can drive you insane if you’re in a competitive match.

Today, avid gamers seek pin-drop silence so they can maintain focus while playing their favorite games. Nothing can fulfill the purpose best than peripherals specifically designed to deliver such a gaming experience. After all, you do need peripherals, which make less clutter and very less noise.

Now, isn’t that right?

But here’s the big dilemma. Buying the best peripheral such as a gaming mouse can be overwhelming.

But don’t you worry, that’s why we are here. Our research experts have spent 60 hours and even more just to assemble the best reticle tracking little monsters for you. They went through every bit of detail to ensure that they have cherry-picked some of the best silent gaming mice for their viewers.

Our Top Picks for Best Silent Gaming Mice in 2024

Today, we are going to cover some of these best silent gaming mouses. Now, don’t you worry about “searching the right mouse and comparing it with others” hassles. Here are the top 7 silent gaming mouse on Amazon and an appropriate buying guide to help you make the right decision along.

#1. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Rechargeable Mouse


VEGCOO C8 Silent Click is one of a kind mouse design. It has the latest sensors and components. The mouse is simply the best when it comes to reticle tracking. Now, you can smoothly track the reticle while playing your favorite looter shooter across multiple screens and have no disturbance or interference of any kind. The mouse has a long-range and works wonderfully in a 10-meter radius. You can have complete peace of mind with the VEGCOO C8 Wireless mouse as the clickers on the mouse offers absolute silence. So say goodbye to the annoying clicking sound forever while using this baby.

If you like illumination, then this mouse offers the best. It illuminates with colorful lights that radiate a perfect glow in the dark. The glow is multi-colored, which changes randomly. So whether you’re playing a game or you’ve left the mouse sitting idle on your desk, it will still radiate a beautiful glow. Not much of a fan of colorful lights, you can always turn the lights off and set the atmosphere. When it comes to online gaming, I believe this mouse is one of the best.

  • It comes with adopted Advanced Technology for accurate tracking
  • It offers soundless clicking, thanks to its fantastic mouse clickers
  • It has a colorful and mesmerizing LED Lights
  • It has an excellent battery life up to400mAh
  • It is a perfectly shaped mouse design to fit in your hands.
  • Great in look and feel
  • Full-size gaming mouse
  • Multiple Light Options
  • Not so comfortable side buttons

#2. VicTsing Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse – Budget Friendly


If you’re searching for a gaming mouse that offers reliability alongside comfort, VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is one of the best options. I must say whoever designed the mouse had precisely kept the user-comfort factor in mind. VicTsing is a unique gaming mouse because it offers high precision tracking, and the best part is, you can change the DPI tracking any time. VicTsing offers five adjustable DPI settings, which you can replace with a click making the mouse very interesting for expert gamers.

As far as power consumption is concerned, VicTsing Wireless gaming mouse comes with external batteries. You won’t have to go through the hassle of plugging/unplugging the mouse to charge it up. The batteries are long-lasting and can go up to 12 months. There is also a power indication button on the mouse, which automatically turns red when the mouse is running low on battery. If you keep the mouse idle for 8 minutes or longer, it will shift to the power-saving mode and save up extra charge.

  • It has five adjustable DPI Settings. You can set the mouse between 800 to 2400 DPI.
  • It has 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology for perfect mouse connectivity & precision tracking.
  • The buttons are silent clickers and tested up to 5 million clicks before dispatch.
  • The mouse chip contains special features to save extra power consumption.
  • Multiple Light options (mouse with LED, mouse without LED, and mouse turned off)
  • The mouse works seamlessly across a multitude of OS (XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac)
  • A power consumption optimized mouse
  • The mouse is incredibly durable in design
  • It has a pretty cool design, look and feel
  • It is lightweight and feels great in the hand
  • Drag isn’t up to satisfaction for competitive gaming
  • Side clickers make little noise

#3. Inphic Silent Gaming Mouse


If you want to gain the upper hand on your gaming opponents, do it with the remarkably satisfying Inphic gaming mouse. Set your mouse DPI up to 4800 and give yourself the maximum edge when it comes to sensitivity. With the all-new Inphic Gaming mouse, you can now shoot down all your enemies with ultimate precision.

For expert gamers, accuracy is everything, and with an Inphic gaming mouse, you get the perfect accuracy so you can make the best kills during online play. It also comes with a backlit appeal with its four circular breathing LED Light, which makes the mouse more mesmerizing. Previously, the mouse featured silent clickers, which made it a “no sound at all” mouse for users on our list. However, the new version does not support silent clicks anymore.

  • It has 4 Adjustable DPI settings. You can set your mouse DPI to 1200/1600/2400/4800 DPI.
  • It has 4 Circular Breathing LED Light option, which gradually keeps changing colors.
  • It has an ergonomically satisfying mouse design, so both left/right-hand users can use it.
  • It has an aluminum alloy base for smooth and speedy drag, specifically during FPS games.
  • The mouse is compatible with all Windows types (XP/2000/7/8/10/ME) and Mac OS.
  • The buttons have a very soothing silent type click
  • The base is smooth and offers noise-free drag
  • The colors are vibrant and optimized with DPI settings
  • The mouse has six buttons for making natural combo attacks
  • It has undergone 3 million times keystroke test for users
  • There are extra wheels in the mouse design
  • Only the left and right buttons are quite; the rest isn’t

#4. FOME I720 Wireless Quiet Gaming Mouse


As I have mentioned earlier, when it comes to accuracy and precision, nothing can beat the Inphic Gaming mouse. However, there are a few gaming mice that meet up to the same expectations. FOME I720 Wireless Gaming Mouse is one such exception. Whether you’re playing a hack & slash RPG or an intense FPS looter/shooter, this mouse is everything you’ll ever need to make those accurate kills. It is a mouse carefully designed for pro-level gamers.

The mouse has everlasting battery life and an advanced chip to moderate the power consumption when the mouse is not being used or kept idle. The return rate of the mouse is pretty exceptional, which is approximately 250Hz. So there is a high chance that you will ever have to experience any delays or frame jumps when playing high-end FPS games. Because of its good return rate, FOME I720 is the best choice among pro gamers of today. The clicking feature on the mouse is almost silent. It has a service life of up to 300 million clicks.

  • The mouse features three resolution DPI settings, 1000-1600-2400DPI
  • It has a data transmission speed of up to 1 Mbps
  • It is a power-saving mouse design with up to 20 month-long battery life.
  • It has multiple USB options and can work on USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 ports
  • It has full support on all Windows types (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OS X/Linux.
  • It also features a 2.4 GHz wireless technology with little to no delay or signal drops.
  • The mouse is scary, silent.
  • It has a 5-minute auto turn-off.
  • The mouse is ergonomically designed.
  • The simplicity makes it much better.
  • The battery consumption is faster than the regular mouse
  • The build quality is just satisfactory.

#5. Scettar Rechargeable Computer Silent Gaming Mouse


There are a couple of reasons why I believe Scettar computer gaming mouse is a viable option to purchase. Firstly, this mouse is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing any batteries. Secondly, it includes an advanced power saving chip, which automatically puts the mouse in sleep mode, making it a great power-saving mouse. Rechargeability is what makes the mouse very unique.

I will be frank here. The two main buttons are silent clickers, but the remaining side buttons aren’t. So, it’s kind of a semi-silent gaming mouse, which makes it not entirely the preferred choice among sensitive players. However, the mouse does make up for the buttons with its 7 soothing LED color changing lights, which change colors randomly, creating a nice mesmerizing atmosphere.

  • It comes with three DPI settings (2400/1600/800)
  • It has long-lasting Lithium-ion batteries
  • It is compatible with desktop/laptop with all USB types
  • It is compatible across a range of operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac)
  • It is an optical gaming mouse
  • It has five buttons (two central buttons, two side button one mid button) & 1 scroll wheel.
  • The mouse is lightweight
  • It has an alloy base
  • The clicking is silent (for main buttons)
  • The reticle movement is smooth
  • The battery charge is long-lasting
  • Not good for epileptic users
  • Not satisfactory for large hands

#6. VEGCOO C10 Wireless Gaming Mouse


Who doesn’t love a cool looking mouse with flashy LED lights that go hand in hand with the game sounds? If that’s your case, then might I suggest that you take a look at the VEGCOO C10 Wireless gaming mouse. Not only is the mouse sleek in design, but it also makes very little clicking sound making your entire game playing experience highly exciting, remarkably interactive, and full of leisure.

While most wireless gaming mouse may run out of batteries at the most inappropriate time, The VEGCOO is a reliable brand that seldom puts you in such a situation. It has a 600mAh Lithium powered rechargeable battery, which you can repetitively charge without facing any battery issues. The mouse also features an optical sensor that offers precise and accurate reticle movement.

  • It is a wireless gaming mouse with a 10m radius coverage
  • It has a nano receiver
  • It has seven buttons in total (left button, right button, scroll wheel, DPI button, page forward, page backward, ON/OFF button)
  • It has three DPI settings (2400/1600/800)
  • It is powered by a 600mAh Lithium battery
  • It includes a wireless mouse, charging cable, English manual
  • The mouse is well-weighted to fit in any hand.
  • The two front button clicking is almost soundless.
  • The mouse has a natural curve design for easy holding.
  • The lights are soft and are not at all distracting.
  • The LED Lights on the mouse is not as bright as portrayed
  • The main left/right buttons are silent; the side buttons aren’t

#7. Picktech Q8 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse


Last but definitely not the least on our list today is Picktech Q8 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse. It may not sound much, but it sure does pack quite a punch. This mouse can offer you the perfect comfort of holding a well-designed mouse in hand and at the same time set the fancy environment. It has 7 different LED color changing lights which offers a soothing ambient effect. In case, you’re not much of a fan of lights, you can always switch the feature off with a bottom light button on mouse.

With this mouse, you don’t have to worry about dying batteries. This mouse comes with a rechargeable battery and a separate cable to charge the mouse. The symmetrical design and the matte finish on the mouse allow you to easily hold it without any hassle. The only downside is the random colors but if you can make an exception, then it is a pretty good mouse to add to the arsenal.

  • It offers a 2.4GHz wireless technology giving speedy, and fast transmission
  • It has 3 adjustable DPI settings (800/1600/2400DPI)
  • It has a 7 Color LED Breathing Light which can change randomly
  • It is fully compatible with most Windows and Linux
  • It features silent clickers so you can play in a soundless environment
  • It has an ergonomic design which easily fits in the palm of hands
  • The mouse is exceptionally fast and responsive
  • The charge on the mouse stays for a long time
  • If you flick fast, it goes in a random direction
  • It is best for desktop browsing, not that good for gaming

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing the Best Silent Gaming Mouse

A regular mouse is not ergonomically designed. Hence, it can create some serious issues with your wrist. As a result, you may eventually suffer from hand numbness, which can later turn into carpal tunnel syndrome if you don’t pay attention. Therefore, you should get yourself an ergonomically satisfying mouse.

To save your hand from experiencing any severe damage, we have put together a complete buying guide just for you. It will help you decide which factors you must pay attention to before you make a purchase.

Is the Mouse Laser, or Is it Optical?

Mouse tracking is measured in dots per inch or DPIs. In our article, you must’ve come across many different DPI settings for different types of mice. DPI is the general standard used for measuring mouse sensitivity. While an optical mouse can track up to 400 to 800 DPI, a laser can go up to 2,000 or even more. The higher the DPI, the faster you can move the cursor from one end of the screen to another.

Such precision isn’t typically required when you are doing work in a routine. But in case, if you’re a gamer, then you will need a mouse that is very accurate and highly precise when it comes to DPI.

What is the Polling Rate on the Mouse?

The polling rate is a specific frequency which your computer or laptop issues to check the signals coming from the mouse. The average polling rate in a gaming mouse is recorded somewhere in between 500Hz to 1000Hz. Higher the polling rate on your mouse, the more it consumes your CPU resources. Hence, it is always advised that you choose a mouse that offers a moderate polling rate.

Is the Mouse Left Handed or Right Handed?

One of the most important aspects to consider while purchasing a silent gaming mouse is whether the mouse is designed for left-handed usage or right-handed usage? There are several options available, most are for right-handed whereas a few are for left-handed too. To find the one that best suits your requirements, you will have to do a bit of research on your own.

How is the Shape and What is the Weight?

The weight of the mouse also plays a vital role. Mouse with alloy base is more on the heavier side than those who do not have one. The plus side of having an alloy base is that it offers more excellent stability to the movement and drag. Nowadays, gaming mice are issued with removable weights, so it becomes relatively easy to customize the weight of the mouse as per your requirements.

Another thing which is essential to address is the shape and design of the mouse. Ask yourself! Is it ergonomically satisfying? Visualize the feeling of holding it before you make up the mind to purchase.


So there you go, here’s just about everything you need to keep in mind before you decide on purchasing the best silent gaming mouse for your gaming setup. Would you like to add something?

Leave us a comment in the provided section below. Let us help you out in any way possible. Thanks.


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