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10 Best Gaming Chair for Kids 2023 – Reviews

best gaming chair for kids
Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
Musso Ergonomic (White) Gaming Chair Adjustable Esports Gamer Chair, Adults Racing Video Game Chair,...
Good Choice
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair for Kids | 22.5" H x 19" W. 5.5" Thick...
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X Rocker Surge Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair, with Wireless Bluetooth 2.1, Bonded Faux Leather,...
Musso Ergonomic (White) Gaming Chair Adjustable Esports Gamer Chair, Adults Racing Video Game Chair,...
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair for Kids | 22.5" H x 19" W. 5.5" Thick...
X Rocker Surge Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair, with Wireless Bluetooth 2.1, Bonded Faux Leather,...
Best Choice
Musso Ergonomic (White) Gaming Chair Adjustable Esports Gamer Chair, Adults Racing Video Game Chair,...
Musso Ergonomic (White) Gaming Chair Adjustable Esports Gamer Chair, Adults Racing Video Game Chair,...
Good Choice
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair for Kids | 22.5" H x 19" W. 5.5" Thick...
BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair for Kids | 22.5" H x 19" W. 5.5" Thick...
Don't Miss
X Rocker Surge Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair, with Wireless Bluetooth 2.1, Bonded Faux Leather,...
X Rocker Surge Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair, with Wireless Bluetooth 2.1, Bonded Faux Leather,...

Whether you play MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, simulators or the recently popularized sandbox battle royale, gaming sessions can last very long, especially if you are on a winning spree.

Winning isn’t the only reason though. Some games are just so appealing and addictive, like the GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and (my new favorite) Fortnite; that it’s really hard to stop playing. Maybe it’s the allure of the story or the immersive gameplay. But whatever the reason, I have never had a gaming session that has lasted less than 4-hours.

Heck, even my 10-year old boy never had a gaming session that was less than that (no, I am not a terrible father, I am a cool dad that chills with his kids). Anyways, the problem is that these long gaming sessions gave me back pain which got me worried about my son.

So, I asked around in a couple of online forums for a solution and was told to buy a gaming chair. Being the product reviewers that I am, I went a little overboard and bought quite a few of them. Out of all of those, I have chosen to review 7 which I found to be the best gaming chairs for kids thanks to the feedback I got from my son.

Also, all of them comfortably accommodated me as well. So, these aren’t only for kids specifically and can be used by us grown man as well.

List of the Best Gaming Chairs for Kids

#1. Musso Adjustable Esports Gaming Chair for Adults


A good gaming not only has to look attractive but also needs to provide comfort throughout a long gaming session. And surprisingly, this Musso’s Zero series gaming chair is pretty good at both.

The whole structure is supported by a strong metal frame that offers 3.2 inches of height adjustment as well as up to 170 degrees of reclining. The armrests can also be individually adjusted for height. Other common feature includes 360 degrees rotation. The strong metal frame allows it to withstand the weight of up to 300 lbs which makes this chair ideal for people on the bit of a heavier side.

On the sturdy metal frame rests an ergonomic design that includes a headrest and a waist rest. Their inclusion really helps you in maintaining a good posture even while sitting for hours. The back and bottom cushions of the seat are also rather large. It seems as though Musso designed this chair especially for people with a wider body frame or heavier weight, or both. However, this doesn’t mean that a person with an average built can’t use it. In fact, such a person may find the chair to be more comfortable.

  • The metal base can withstand 300 lbs of weight and adds sturdiness to the overall built quality
  • Can be bought in 6 different PU leather combinations
  • Thanks to its height adjustment capability, the chair is ideal for both kids and adults
  • The complete ergonomic design makes long gaming sessions enjoyable without making you feel tired or uncomfortable
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with a free parts replacement under certain circumstances
  • The metal frame started to creak in just 3 months
  • The padding isn’t as thick as it should be

#2. AmazonBasics Swivel Foam Kids Gaming Chair


If you are looking for something that doesn’t look like an ordinary gaming chair, this lounge chair is for you. Great for console gaming but not specifically designed for just that, this is a multipurpose lounger that you can use for just about everything.

Underneath the beautiful fabric cover, there’s a memory foam clad metal frame connected to a swivel base. The memory foam provides great comfort while the metal frame adds to the durability of the floor chair.

The chair is perfect to transform any boring looking room into a more interesting space. The height of the chair from the ground up is about 45 inches and can easily be used by kids and adults. I found this chair to be actually very attractive on lazing days. It’s also foldable which allows you to easily store it away in any compact space when not in use.

  • The whole structure is supported by a durable metal frame for sturdiness
  • The swiveling design makes it fun to use even when you are not doing anything
  • Thick memory foam padding makes this chair not only great for gaming but also for afternoon naps
  • It ships fully assembled, meaning there’s no hassle of finding the tools or searching for those small screws required
  • People with a wider body won’t find it comfortable to use
  • Some color variations are smaller in size

#3. BirdRock Adjustable 14-Positions Padded Gaming Chair


This floor chair also shares many of the similarities of the last entrant with a few notable differences. For one, it is a lot smaller and can only accommodate children and young teens. The other thing is its adjustability. This chair can take 14 different positions suitable for multiple tasks like naps, watching TV, lounging, reading, gaming, etc.

My 10-year old found this chair to be very comfortable, thanks to its memory foam cushioning. You get up to 5 color options for the plush cover as well. It’s great to be placed as an extra seat in your living room or the kid’s room. And when not needed, it can easily be put away under the bed.

For the functionality it offers and the age group it targets, I believe this chair is a good buy for its price. However, if your kids are 13 or 14, this chair could easily out live its purpose before the kid’s 15th birthday.

  • Can be bought with a highly affordable price tag
  • Comes fully assembled, so no hassle there
  • The memory foam cushioning and the plush fabric cover make it very comfortable to sit on
  • Can be easily adjusted for varying tasks
  • Easy to store away when not needed
  • Cannot be used by young adults
  • There’s no head support at the back, even for kids

#4. X Rocker Video Gaming Floor Chair for Kids


What’s better than a rocking floor chair? A rocking floor chair with built-in Bluetooth speakers. And that’s what this chair from X Rocker actually is.

It resembles a race car seat in appearance, making it a unique piece of furniture to add to your home. Its ergonomic design, stylish and sleek faux leather cover, and full-size back support provide great comfort. While it is specifically designed to add to your gaming experience, the chair can be used for binging your favorite shows or indulging in an endless reading session of your favorite book.

The outward-facing Bluetooth speakers can be connected with most devices and consoles to truly provide you an immersive gaming experience. The if Bluetooth is not your thing, the speakers can also be connected to the device of your choice, using its RCA output ports.

Although it is a bit on the pricey side, it’s a great convo starter as well, if you struggle with that sort of thing.

  • Has a very unique and attractive appearance
  • Provides great comfort thanks to a full-sized back rest
  • Has built-in Bluetooth speakers that make your gaming, TV and music very indulging and immersive experiences
  • The foldable design allows for easy storage
  • The faux leather is very fragile and tears easily
  • Needs an additional adapter/converter for HDMI devices

#5. Soft Bean Bags Chair for Kids, Teens, Adults


Yes! Bean bags are still a thing. Well, their modernized versions are at least. And by modernized, I mean the ones that are filled with memory foam for cushioning instead of polystyrene or PVC pellets.

The Sofa Sack’s bean bags are available in a plethora of colors, literally, and provide the same level of comfort of the usual bean bags, if not more. Their large size makes them perfect for adults and fun for the kids.

Sofa Sack covered these beanless (is that a word?) bags with a plush suede that makes the whole thing feel even more fluffy. Priced at just under $130, it is a great addition to any home that has kids. Highly recommended for casual gamers. For intense gamers, I would advise them to steer clear of it as it can tire your back out during long gaming sessions.

  • The large, 5-feet diameter of this bean bag make it perfect for most causal sitting activities
  • It can be bought in more than 10 colors
  • The double stitched sued cover adds to its durability and built quality
  • It’s very fluffy and comfortable to use
  • Smells of strange chemicals for the first couple of days
  • Takes at least 72 hours to fully fluff up, once out of the packaging

#6. AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner for Kids


Let me clear one thing before I go into the details of this chair, this recliner is not for adults. If its price tag of a little over a $100 has put any ideas in your mind, get them out of your head.

The chair is designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 and weigh under 90 lbs. It’s available in three different color combinations of soft leather covering with black being the mainstay in all three combinations. A damp cloth can be used to easily clean the soft leather if something is spilled on it.

It offers the full functionality of a standard recliner and is made with hard wood for extra sturdiness and durability. The cushioning is CA117 certified foam. So, it’s fire retardant and completely safe for kids. The back rest also has lumbar support cushion built-in to help your kids maintain the perfect posture when sitting for long hours.

  • Hard wood frame and soft leather cover makes the chair look appeasing and feel durable
  • The CA117 certified foam is safe for kids and is also fire retardant
  • Kids find the full functionality of the recliner to be fun and enjoyable
  • The soft leather cover is easy to clean
  • Its ergonomic design is a great support in maintaining the right posture while sitting

There are no cons for this one. That’s the beauty of it.

#7. The Crew Furniture Kids Gaming Chair


Another floor chair and probably the most affordable one on this list with a very futuristic design. It looks something out of the old Jetsons cartoons (yeah, I am that old) and you’d relate if you’ve watched them.

From the outside, the design looks very ergonomic. The seat is cushioned with polyurethane foam and is covered with faux leather. Different color choices are available but I found black to be the most pleasing to the eyes.

Underneath the faux leather cover and the foam, there’s a wooden frame supporting the whole thing. Its 32 inches in height from floor up, so it cannot be used by adults very comfortably. The chair comes fully assembled and is ready to use out of the box.

  • It’s specifically designed for video gaming and if perfect for it
  • It’s really lightweight and can be effortlessly moved around
  • Comes fully assembled
  • The built quality is far superior than the price tag
  • Unbelievably affordable
  • Not suitable for people with a wider body frame
  • Needs to be supported from the back if you wish to avoid rocking

How to Pick the Best Gaming Chair For Kids – Buying Guide

So, now that you have the list for best gaming chairs for kids, it’s time to help you make the right decision. Before you punch in that credit card number and confirm your order, here are a few things you need to look into first.


Decide what you are willing to spend. Having a clear perspective of your spendings will help you in deciding a budget that you can easily spend on something like a gaming chair without adversely affecting your lifestyle. A predecided amount will make half the choice for you.


Once you have decided on the budget, you need to understand the purpose you are looking to fulfill with that chair. Do you only want it for gaming? Does it have to be an extra seat when people come over? Would your kids be using it for reading or relaxing? Raising questions like this to yourself will help you establish a reason for buying a gaming chair and narrow your choice further.


It’s another factor that can impact your choice. You need to have a clear vision of where the chair you want to buy is going to go in your home. If it’s going straight to the kid’s room, comfort should be your top priority. If you plan to keep it in the living room, the chair also needs to provide a certain aesthetic appeal.


The last thing on your list of considerations should be the adjustment levels a chair provides. They will mostly depend on the purpose for which you may be buying the chair in the first place. Not all chairs offer all adjustments and not every adjustment level is useful and practical. However, if you wish to put the chair away in the closet or under the bed, make sure it is either foldable or can lay flat at 180 degrees.

Final Thoughts

As a final note, what you choose to buy depends entirely upon the need of your kids and the purpose you want to fulfill with these gaming chairs. I would recommend you to buy any of the floor chairs if your kids do most of their gaming on consoles. For PC gaming, desk gaming chairs are a more logical and sensible choice.

If you are looking for chairs that serve multiple purposes, I would suggest that you choose the one which not only looks great but it is also easy to move around. For space like a living room, a bean bag would be an ideal choice as it would serve multiple purposes there.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned in the buying guide is the period of servitude you wish to get from that chair. Certain chairs in my list are only useful for kids till the age of 12 while others can be used until they are 15. This makes the age of your child/children a very important factor in your buying decision. If your kids are older than 13, I would suggest that you go for a chair for adults.

Regardless of which chair you buy, make sure your kids do not spend most of their day sitting in a chair, playing video games. Always encourage your children to indulge in more outdoor activities as sitting for long hours, even in ergonomically designed chairs isn’t healthy for their body.


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