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10 Best Folding Rocking Chairs 2024 – Reviews

best folding rocking chair
Written by Kane Dane
Best Choice
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
Good Choice
Best Choice Products Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Mesh Patio Lounge Chair w/Headrest Pillow - Beige
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PHI VILLA Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Folding Patio Recliner with Adjustable Headrest...
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ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair Deep Sea/Charcoal
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
Best Choice Products Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Mesh Patio Lounge Chair w/Headrest Pillow - Beige
PHI VILLA Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Folding Patio Recliner with Adjustable Headrest...
ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair Deep Sea/Charcoal
Best Choice
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
Good Choice
Best Choice Products Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Mesh Patio Lounge Chair w/Headrest Pillow - Beige
Best Choice Products Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Mesh Patio Lounge Chair w/Headrest Pillow - Beige
Don't Miss
PHI VILLA Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Folding Patio Recliner with Adjustable Headrest...
PHI VILLA Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Folding Patio Recliner with Adjustable Headrest...
Also Consider
ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair Deep Sea/Charcoal
ALPS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair Deep Sea/Charcoal

While a rocking chair is a good piece of furniture for your indoor life, you can’t really carry it outside all the time. It’s heavy, bulky and it’ll get ruined. But, what if there was a way to bring all the comfort and peace that rocking chairs have to offer and bring it with you wherever you go? Imagine being able to relax with friends and family on a picnic or beach party on a couple of handy rocking chairs.

To be able to do that, what you need to invest in are folding rocking chairs. They’re easy to carry, convenient, breathable, comfortable, and cheap. To make sure we give you all the right products we tested the top rocking chairs in the market for a week and shortlisted the top 7 best foldable rocking chairs along with the usual buyers’ guide. Let’s get into it.

List of the Best Rocking Chairs in 2024

#1. Portable Folding Rocking Chair By GCI


The portable folding rocking chair by GCI is one of the best outdoor camping chairs out there. The sturdy, powder-coated steel frame offers sturdiness and support and holds up to 250 pounds with ease. The armrests are padded to give your arms a rest and the mesh backrest makes the design more breathable and light. It features patented spring-action rocking technology which lets you rock on any surface be it dirt or a patio and keeps you grounded and safe.

You can both set and pack it up quickly through its patent-pending easy-fold technology and the end result is a flat and portable design that can easily be carried and put in the back of a car. The integrated carry handle makes it much easier to hold and transport it too. You can crack open a cold one around the campfire and put it in the handy beverage holder too.

Style, comfort, good features, and ease of carrying, it has all you need for less than a hundred dollars. In conclusion, if you’re a frequent traveler or like to put out a chair in your front lawn, this is the one for you.

  • Available in two colors- Cinnamon and Indigo blue
  • A strong powder-coated steel frame that holds up to 250 pounds
  • Padded arm-rests and beverage-holder
  • Easy open and closing with the patented EAZY-FOLD technology
  • Patented spring-action rocking technology for smooth and easy rocking
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic
  • Extremely reliable
  • Slightly shallow seat

#2. Coleman Portable Camping Chair


Coleman already has quite the reputation and rightly so. Their products are inexpensive and reliable and this portable camping chair is no less. Its made of pure polyester and has a very roomy 24-inches fully cushioned seat and back support that can hold up to 325 pounds. The frame is made of steel to provide sturdiness and does not rust easily. However, the most impressive thing about this chair is its features.

An insulated pouch on the left arm can keep up to 4 cans cool so that you can grab a chilled drink at any time. Moreover, it also features a cup holder for ease of access and a handy side pocket on the right arm to store phones, earphones, or anything else. It’s designed in such a way that it can be folded up easily and transported by hand or in the car trunk. Overall, if something super cheap, comfortable, and manageable is your criteria, this is the chair for you.

The polyester makes it easily cleanable and the cushioned design makes sure it’s breathable and highly comfortable for the user. Its cooler, side pocket, and cup holder just further add to the already sweet deal.

  • Made of polyester
  • Features a built-in cooler, side media pocket, and a cup holder
  • Fully cushioned seat and back
  • Collapsible ensign makes it easy to transport
  • Supports up to 325 pounds with ease
  • Excellent features
  • Good build
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • The durability varies from chair to chair

#3. Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Recliner by Best Choice


This is quite a favorite amongst customers (me included) and all of that is perfectly justified due to its aesthetic, quality, and comfort. It has the look of a very classy piece of modern furniture with a beige interior and black frame. The interior made of removable elastic cords that support and evenly distribute your body weight for maximum comfort while also retaining posture and the padded, adjustable headrest is the best possible addition.

The comfort this chair offers through its design alone is astounding and coupled with the slow, smooth rocking, it’s enough to make anyone fall in love with it. The fabric is highly durable and UV resistant and can hold up to 250 pounds. The chair is foldable and lightweight enough to be carried anywhere which makes it the perfect patio/lawn companion. However, the chair is suitable only for people 5’7 or below since the design won’t accommodate anyone too tall.

Aside from that, it might also not be very comfortable for some people due to the lack of cushioning. Overall, it’s a bit pricey but definitely worth the money and perfect for someone who likes something firm and comfortable for their patio. It has its shortcomings but the advantages far outweigh them.

  • Built with elastic removable cords
  • Rocking risers let you rock back and forth at a comfortable pace
  • Adjustable headrest
  • UV resistant and incredibly durable
  • Holds up to 250 lbs
  • Good color scheme
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Might not be very comfortable for some people

#4. GCI Outdoor Full-Size Collapsible Rocking Chair


If your fond of napping in your rocking chair, you’re going to love this one. The GCI collapsible rocking chair features a spring-action rocking technology which grounds the chair and lets you rock on any surface with ease and comfort. The design itself is more of a sling-style rather than the traditional straight-back chair which may not be for everyone but certainly does have its own merits.

Its powder-coated steel frame makes sure your weight is equally distributed and support and can hold up to 250 pounds. It also features a side beverage holder and a pocket for various items. For ease, it can easily be folded up and put into the included carry bag. It is a bit heavy but the comfort and overall quality more than makes up for it. Another downside is that it may get too hot due to the design not being very breathable.

Overall, it is a good chair that comes up to mark but ultimately, could be better.

  • Collapsible and can be folded up neatly and put into the included carry bag
  • Spring-action rocking technology grounds the chair and provides smooth and creak-free rocking
  • Sling design with back and bottom structure
  • Powder-coated steel frame that can support up to 250 pounds
  • Includes beverage-holder and side pocket
  • Comfortable and freestyle design gives a greater range of movement
  • Good for napping/ recline comfortably on
  • Good rocking motions
  • The lack of arms may make it uncomfortable or strange for some people

#5. Lightweight Camping Chair With Side Table by Coleman


Much like other Coleman chairs, this chair features a very laid-back and cushioned design with a relaxed and angled seat, back cushioning and padded armrests. The fabric is also very breathable and weather-resistant making it the ideal candidate for camping trips. The aluminum frame provides the necessary sturdiness and strength while also being super lightweight making the chair very easy to transport both short and long distances.

Its wide design makes it very roomy and gives you enough space to get work done too. The frame supports up to 225 pounds which is less compared to other chairs but fairly workable. Its redeeming feature happens to be the flip-up side table which is just big enough for a lunchbox or a journal and features an in-built beverage holder. Another super helpful part of this chair is the carry handle.

You can use the handle to easily carry the chair anywhere, any time. Overall, this chair does not disappoint at all. It has aa very nice dark theme going on with a black and grey backrest and a grey side table and it is strong and durable and highly comfortable. If you’re looking for that extra touch in your chair, this is the one for you.

  • Flip-up side table with cup holder
  • Cushioned back, padded armrests, and angled seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Fabric is weather and UV resistant
  • Supports up to 225 lbs
  • The side table comes in handy
  • Very comfortable and relaxing
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • The seat might be too deep for some people

#6. PHI Villa Reclining Foldable Lounge Chair


If the style is your main priority, then this is definitely the chair for you. With a very bold and eye-catching black and blue combination and its large build, this chair is bound to let you be the center of attention. The chair can easily be folded into a flat, compact version of itself by one push and can be secured using a lock catch. However, it is a bit heavy so that might make it a little hard to carry.

It features a heavy-duty steel frame and a cushioned oxford fabric seat and backrest help together by strong double bungee rope. The extra-large armrests provide more comfort and ease of usage and can be moved when the chair is reclined. The comfort this chair offers is unmatched and is perfect for all patios, beaches, gardens, and picnics. However, the chair focuses more on style than functionality which makes a lot of its features unworkable and utterly redundant.

The coating on the frame is also such that chips away after a few uses and is more stiff than sturdy so it is good to keep an eye out for that happening. Overall, If you need something to liven up the place, this is the chair for you. But speaking practically, there are better chairs out there for less money.

  • Effective locking design for maximum security
  • Fully padded backrest and seat
  • Additional headrest and cup holder
  • Adjustable reclining mechanism and a lock to keep that position
  • No assembly required
  • Very fashionable
  • Cushioning makes it very comfortable
  • Locking mechanism makes it secure
  • Not a very practical option

#7. Compact Foldable Low Rocker Chair by ALPS Mountaineering


This rocker chair is one of the best occasional use chairs you can find. With a techmesh fabric and a powder-coated steel frame, this is one of the most breathable and lightweight chairs. The fabric ensures that the design is airy and light but also sturdy while the frame is lightweight but provides the necessary support. The armrests are slanted and padded which might not be ideal for some people but certainly does add to the aesthetic is perfect if you’re in a more reclined position.

The chair can be folded up and put in the included shoulder bag which makes carrying it a breeze. It also has a locking mechanism that latches into place on any surface so that you rock with ease and comfort. The back also lets you lean back for ultimate relaxation.

This chair likes to keep it plain and simple and rather than adding a lot of cool features to catch one’s attention, they stick to the basics and strengthen their foundation. Overall, it is perfect for someone keeping it low-key and wanting something durable. A simple, low-profile rocking chair to fulfill your needs is what ALPS Mountaineering has to offer and boy do they come through.

  • A powder-coated sturdy steel frame
  • Techmesh fabric for maximum breathability, comfort, and sturdiness
  • A compact foldable design that can be stored in the provided shoulder bag
  • Rocker locking mechanism which lets you rock comfortably and safely anywhere
  • Slanted, lightly padded armrests
  • Excellent functionality and durability
  • Very breezy and breathable design
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • A bit on the heavier side which makes carrying slightly difficult

Ultimate Buyers’ Guide for Outdoor Rocking Chairs

When looking for Folding rocking chairs, the key points to keep in mind are the durability, weight, back and seat, and folding positions because ultimately, these are what make the difference in the end and the rest can still be compensated for.


If you’re spending so much on a folding rocking chair, it’s only fair that you expect it to last a good while. Rocking chairs often fall apart too quickly due to flimsy fabric, a weak frame or an incapable rocking mechanism. When buying your chair, make sure the fabric seems sturdy. Techmesh, polyester and cushioned fabrics are usually a good bet. Similarly, the frame should not be so lightweight and hollow as to break apart in a few months. Go for steel frames rather than aluminum. Another thing to look out for is the rocking mechanism. If it doesn’t lock in properly then there’s virtually no point to it.


Since its foldable, you’ll be having to carry it a lot. Weight plays a major part in the ease of transport. If the chair is heavier than 10 pounds, the average person is bound to have trouble carrying it, especially for longer distances. The best sort of chairs is the simple fabric-backed, steel frame ones. The less fancy the whole thing is, the easier it’ll be to carry and maintain in the next few years

Back and Seat

When you’re getting a rocking chair, you’re getting it because you want a good, comfortable chair and you won’t get that if the backrest and seat arent proper. They should be made of a material that doesn’t hurt after sitting on for some time and cushioning is an extra bonus. It’s even better if the back has a mesh exterior which adds breathability. Make sure that the seat and back are wide enough so that you can sit and shift comfortably.

Folding Position

This again is going to make a huge difference, especially when carrying it. If it folds into a compact square, is it easy to carry or do you have to lift it with both hands? If it folds vertically, does it have a handle or do you carry it with the frame? If it doesn’t have a proper carry handle and is too heavy, unless you have somewhere to put it, it’s not going to be fun to carry. Make sure what you’re getting has a bag that comes with or a side handle and can be lifted easily.

Last Verdict

With that, the list of best folding rocking chairs comes to an end. We hope you found what you were looking for with ease and enjoyed the read. Which is your favorite rocking chair? Let us know along with any comments or suggestions you might have in the comment section below. Until next time, Happy Rocking!


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